Dear Xbox 360: It's over between us

"Dear Xbox 360,

This isn't the easiest thing I've ever had to say but I think we've reached a critical point in our relationship and while we may not be seeing eye-to-eye right now, I feel that I at least owe you the courtesy of being direct."

A "Dear John" letter to Xbox 360.

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mikeslemonade3787d ago

Wow... you dumped a white chick for a black chick. The white chick is flat though so that's a logical reason.

vhero3787d ago

I got offered £15 for my RROD 360 which has no HDD and no controllers its been rotting away in my cupboard. I guess i'm gonna take it though I can't get more for it and I guess that's all its worth these days..


The year of the 360 and you getting rid of it? You never had one...LMAO!!!!!

ShadowCK3787d ago

Oh I forgot about these type of Articles. Someone whining over his Xbox 360 breaking and can't admit he didn't give it the proper care and environment.

I've haven't had the Red Ring of Death for years now and the rate rate is below 10% now occurring to many sources. That itself should be self explanatory.

leila013787d ago

This is becoming redundant.

SilentNegotiator3787d ago

"the rate rate is below 10% now"

No, the lifetime failure rate is still about 30%. What you're thinking about is the portion of the study that found the new 360s (That were all younger than 8 months old) to have 4% failure from A COUPLE MONTHS OF USE.

Fanb0y3787d ago

My 360 red ringed three times playing Mass Effect 2. It was fine though, after re-plugging in all the cords.

Graphics heavy game, apparently.

Motion3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Yeah, I haven't had the red rings for over a year myself. After my 3rd replacement I just stopped turning it on. No more money invested in it, no more problems.

P.S. While having your 360 in a "poor" environment will definitely kill it faster, they still die commonly when taken complete care of.

SilentNegotiator3787d ago

"My 360 red ringed three times playing Mass Effect 2. It was fine though, after re-plugging in all the cords"

I think you got the FOUR red rings, which has to do with faulty/not plugged in properly/all-the-way wires. It's THREE red rings that make the RROD.

EVILDEAD3603787d ago

It was soooo original the first 10 times I saw it over the last couple of i wan't my few minutes of life back..

Good luck playing that PS2 though...

*Goes back to Mass Effect heaven*


Game13a13y3787d ago

glad he finally dumped the 360 before he had any kids with it.

darthv723787d ago

I have NEVER given up on a system despite of how the system performs. Probably because I play the games not the systems. If a system fails, I get another because I invest more in the software than hardware.

Curently I have a jag cd that doesnt read discs anymore. It is so damn expensive on ebay finding just the cd drive. I wont turn my back on it because I love gaming just tooooo much to be that shallow. I will get another and all will be cool again.

All my consoles are like the ladies in the little black book. Each deserves respect and a little love from time to time.

FamilyGuy3787d ago

The PS2 was a surprising twist to the story formula though.

*hugs PS3*

I use my PS3 on a daily basis for just about everything (I never watch cable anymore) and I'd be heartbroken if it died on me. I'd probably go out and by another that same day just so I wouldn't have to wait for repairs to get done (that I'd have to pay for since my PS3 is pretty old, original 80Gb model).

thesummerofgeorge3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Excuse me, but people are shallow if they don't perpetually replace faulty or shoddy/broken electronics? Although it's super-duper cute that you won't 'turn your back' on your console no matter how many times it breaks, this does not make you deep, or less shallow than someone who doesn't pay a company to continuously fvck them in the @ss.

BTW, your first paragraph is literally incoherent, the rest is just nonsense. I won't even touch that last paragraph.

insomnium3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

You won't be able to find a working x360 anywhere 3-5 years after they stopped the production. That's the difference between the good ol consoles of this day and this particular good ol console of the future. There's no way to hang on to this one (x360) LOL!

Nicaragua3787d ago

How very noble of you Darth. I wish I had such virtue to keep pissing money down the crapper on broken devices.

It almost makes me want to break my PS3, just so I can repair it and show how hardcore I am.

Syronicus3787d ago

Year of the 360?

Alrighty then....


ReBurn3787d ago

Actually, people are shallow for criticizing someone for supporting a format that they love and not getting fed up with it at some arbitrary breaking point. There was nothing incoherent about that post, it just doesn't fit with your very narrow view of the world. I can tell that by the choice of words: shoddy, broken, faulty.

You know, if someone's 360 breaks within three years of purchase Microsoft stands behind it. That's good enough for people who enjoy their games. So I don't see why it matters to you.

otherZinc3786d ago

I stopped reading after the 2nd lie:
1. does this fool know the PS2 wasn't durable? does that fool know SONY was sued & lost a Class Action Lawsuit because of the unreliability of the PS2?

2. does this fool think we dont know M$ gave a 3 year warranty to every 360 console new & used? does this fool know the only M$ didn't lose a Class Action Lawsuit because it fixed the problem with the best warranty in consumer electronics history?

Someone tell this liar to GTH.

thesummerofgeorge3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

So you wouldn't consider hardware that continuously breaks down, shoddy/faulty? I wasn't referring to the 360 specifically, so calm yourself. Now understand this: You know absolutely nothing about me or my "views", and he was the one who criticized others by saying they're shallow if they don't want to pay for something again after it prematurely breaks. I said nothing about him supporting anything, I said my opinion on his statement about people being shallow etc. Get your facts straight.

Oh, and as far as it being incoherent, here's an example : "I have NEVER given up on a system despite of how the system performs." if you think that is proper grammar, and proper use of words, you are hopeless.

Just for the record, lets clear a few things up: I didn't say a thing about the 360, so I don't know why you brought it up. I didn't express any of my views about the world, yet you presume to know they're narrow. And lastly, although we've already established I didn't criticize him for supporting any format, just for fun, since you said it: could you explain to me the correlation between criticizing someone for supporting a format, and being shallow? Or am I correct in assuming there's absolutely no relationship between the two? Yeeeeaaah...

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jack who3787d ago

eastbayri? most be new here

EvilBlackCat3787d ago

Who is the contributor?


mmm a Apple related avatar name

What are the chances that this guy is a MS hater? you judge

What are the chances he dont own an Xbox 360?

What are the chances he is a PS3 hardcore fanboy?

What are the chances that you (everybody reading this) all just CUT the B.S. and lets talk about games?

This Console War is just simply stupid nobody here (real common fans or to be exact gamers) is winning money from it.

I keep asking me the same question WHY in da Fnck they keep trying to make others to buy their console of choice?

Cletus3787d ago

It's over betwen us. I'm movn on to greenre pasturs where da sheep are. Dey don't move much, specialy whens youve got their hin-legs in yo boots.

I'l missya my love,

ukilnme3787d ago

Things are looking great for the 360. Another trash article won't change that. Let the kiddies, that claim to be in the mature crowd, have their fun.

ClownBelt3787d ago

It's a trash article alright....Still find it funny how he tells us his honeymoon with the 360.

ukilnme3787d ago

I did not bother reading it. I looked at who the first approver was (Ghost of Sparta), and figured it was not worth reading.

ThatArtGuy3787d ago

but I have to admit that this one was actually fairly well written.

RememberThe3573787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

it's a funny light-heated letter. And about ONE guy being tired of HIS 360 breaking, not about the 360 as a platform...

You know what I do when I get all tense and defensive?

-Alpha3787d ago

As long as nobody tries to take it seriously, at least.

Good write up.

ukilnme3787d ago

Fair enough. I admitted that I did not read it.

For relaxation, I prefer this instead:

RememberThe3573787d ago

I was talking about passing the 40 in general. But being that I'm a massive 2pac fan I can't really argue with you on that one :)

ukilnme3787d ago

LMAO. That went completely over my head. It's been a long day.

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we won3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Now I know the PS3 camp is getting desperate when they start posting RROD articles and articles about PS3 fanboys perspective on how they feel about the 360 as news. It's going to be one hell of a year for the 360 and hell for PS3 fans.

LOL I agree with #2.2 I seen (Ghost of Sparta) and didn't bother but before that it's always PS3 fans that talk to their console as if it were a person (A "Dear John" letter to Xbox 360) (dear 360/PS3)(PS3 flexes muscles)

3787d ago
RememberThe3573787d ago

How is this year going to be hell for any gamer? There are so many great games coming out on each platform that it's mind numbing.

GiantEnemyCrab3787d ago

RROD you are no different then him except for some reason you have way too many bubbles for being a fanboy troll who can't seem to follow the rules of the Gamer Zone..

Stop talking about games you know nothing about beyond what you read on the internet and you sound like you know nothing about the 360 or it's lineup.. Or maybe you are just playing stupid and if that's the case take it to the open zone.. Both of you!

leila013787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines:

"The Gamer Zone is for members who want a more friendly and civilized discussion (hahaha). This section is heavily moderated (my ass) by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please (yea right). Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or permanently restricted from posting in the Gamer Zone (complete BS). Using words such as XBOTS and SONY DROIDS (BS), or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone (utter BS)".

-Alpha3787d ago

Perfectly said. It just goes to show you how strong the PS3 community is on this site and how one side of the ignorant fanboy comments can get approved and bubbled up while the other side gets bubbled downed and censored when instead both sides who post fanboy comments should be bubbled down.

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Whoooop3787d ago

I hope mine holds strong... I still have a lot of games left to download.

-MD-3787d ago

You mean steal right?

bobrea3787d ago

It's only stealing if you get caught ^_^ =p

GiantEnemyCrab3787d ago

"It's only stealing if you get caught "

If were lucky.. Hopefully a couple of my emails that I sent pay off.