Darkness for ps3 and xbox360 on july 20th for europe

There were many reports that the ps3 version got delayed to the 20th july in europe. Thats true (at least for some parts of europe), but the xbox360 version was delayed too. The german lists for example the 20th july for the xbox360 version of the darkness. Another source (a german gaming site) says that the release termin in europe is not fixed yet (like may other sites statet), but both version will release on the same day! Note that there was an update which states that the release is on the same day, after they asked Take 2 about this issue. Nice to hear!

sonarus5818d ago

xbots dat tlkd sh1t boutg ps3 hope u see how silly u all are

Lex Luthor5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

why the hell are people agreeing with him? he's a tard. look at his comment for crying out loud.

Sony drone mentality i guess.

achira5818d ago (Edited 5818d ago )

hi, how can i add urls, but not mentioning them in the description ?
edit: how can someone disagree to my question ? here some crazzy bas*** on this site.

gta_cb5818d ago

i know what you mean, weird people...

MK_Red5818d ago

Dammit, thats really bad news. Why they always delay games for Europe?

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