Square Enix's NieR: 23 screenshots

For those just getting caught up, NieR Replicant is the one for PS3 and NieR Gestalt is the one for 360. The 360 game, to be renamed simply "Nier," is the one coming to North America.

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zeeshan8103794d ago

This game is going to ok. :)

red2tango3794d ago

Can someone explain this to me: is there a PS3 version coming to North America?

Daver3793d ago

yes theres suppose to.

rdgneoz33793d ago

Last I read, there's one version for the ps3 in Japan (brother saving sister, slimmer looking main character), and one for the rest of the world on the ps3/360 (father saving daughter, bulkier main character made for western audiences). I wish I could play the Japanese version instead...

Bebedora3793d ago

One of the characters looks like a copy of Bebedora (Arc The Lad: Twin spirits ?)

omegaheat3793d ago

This game looks way too wierd and outdated to me. I hope the gameplay is fun enough to deter away from it's lazy design. This honestly looks like it could have been done on the first Xbox or Wii which would have been just fine. But it also proves the argument that Japanese devs are far behind in their engine tech.

Raoh3793d ago

i'm confused still..

which game is coming to ps3 and which is coming to 360 and are they switching those for regions?

the one difference i remember hearing about was that the 360 version was more adult looking and the ps3 version more anime looking..

what exactly are we getting in the u.s.?

and why the differences?

this all just reeks of a ticking time bomb ready to explode..

what is se's goal here?

rdgneoz33793d ago

From what I last read, the 2 versions are region based. One for PS3s in Japan, and one for PS3s and 360s for the rest of the world. The Japanese version has a brother saving his sister, the other is a father saving his daughter. Japanese main character is slimmer, the other is like they put the character on steroids so the western audience that plays GeoW and such would want to buy it. And I never heard "more adult looking" or "more anime looking", just that they did the main characters differently to suit the particular tastes of those regions and different main character / damsel in distress relationship, though I wish I could play the Japanese version instead (here's hoping that version has English subtitles or such since my Japanese isn't the best).

Hakimy3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

hope this will help though someone already replied ;)

"A PR representative from Square Enix has clarified the relationship between the games, and it turns out that the characters are the only significant difference. Replicant, with its younger boy protagonist trying to save his sister, is specifically designed to appeal to the Japanese audience. Gestalt features an older man trying to save his daughter. Since the two games are basically the same otherwise, only Nier Gestalt will come to North America sometime next year, for both the Xbox360 and the PlayStation 3, under the title of “Nier.” "

Edit: me and rdgneoz3 posted at the same time XD

Raoh3793d ago

ok thanks for clearing that up.

Raoh3793d ago

Last week’s issue of Famitsu revealed two Nier games coming to Japan; one for Xbox 360 and the other presumably for PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 game, Nier Gestalt, is the Nier game that has already been announced for North America since E3. A teaser ad was shown for another Nier game titled Nier Replicant. This week’s Famitsu reveals Replicant as Japan’s PlayStation 3 version of Nier. However, there are differences.

In Nier Replicant, Nier looks younger and more anime-ish than he does in Nier Gestalt. In Replicant, Yonah, the girl he is trying to cure, is his sister where as in Gestalt, she is his daughter.

What’s more are Nier’s companions. Kaine, a hermaphrodite who was bullied as a child leading “her” to dress like a lady, will accompany Nier in a full-on thong.

I have no idea how this Nier release will work. We already know Nier is coming to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in North America, as Square have said Gestalt being Xbox 360-only in Japan (which is the same game) will not affect the North American release. Now with Replicant, there’s no word on if this will hit stateside.

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