Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy team bringing brand new Joan of Arc-inspired RPG to Sony's handheld

If you're a PSP owner mourning the general lack of quality RPGs on the system, then take solace in the fact that Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy developer Level 5 is apparently readying a brand new RPG - titled Jeanne d' Arc - for Sony's handheld.

News of the game comes courtesy of Famitsu magazine, as translated by IGN. Inspired by actual historical events based around the real-life Joan of Arc, Level 5's title is set against a backdrop of a long-running war - known as the "War Against the Gods of Death" - in which dark gods rallied their demonic armies to take over humankind. As the game would have it, five heroes were appointed to take on the gods, each sealing a dark lord away in a magic bracelet.

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