Diablo II Ladder Resets... Today

Relive the fun of one of the greatest Hack and Slash RPGs ever created. The Diablo II ladder will be reset on June 25, 2007, beginning a new ladder season and providing a fresh start for those participating on the ladder realms. All current ladder characters will be moved to the non-ladder realm, and the ladder realm will re-open as a blank slate where all-new heroes can make their mark. Try out a new character idea, adventure with your friends, and race to be the first on your realm to reach level 99. The realms will be offline for approximately four hours during the ladder reset. Once the specific schedule for the reset has been determined, we'll post that information in the Battle.net Status Forum.


What Can Diablo IV Learn From Diablo II

Diablo IV may be the latest entry from the Diablo series, but it can sure learn a thing or two from the iconic Diablo II. Both of these games are different and similar to each other, but Diablo II's phenomenal presence should still be more appearing in Diablo IV to make the game even better in its current state.

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anast271d ago

Don't turn it into a live service, don't reskin immortal, and add to the complexity.


Diablo 2 Receives 60 FPS Update Thanks To A New Mod

A fan-run initiative called Project Diablo 2 has brought a 60 FPS update for the classic Diablo title, among other changes.

1nsomniac388d ago

Boo! Thought this was eventually a patch for diablo2 on PS5. The fact that they can’t get that game to run in quality mode at 60fps is an absolute joke!


Diablo 2: Resurrected dev union condemns Activision Blizzard

Diablo 2: Resurrected developer Blizzard Albany has condemned Activision Blizzard for “hostility” after it allegedly delayed recognition of a new employee union

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anast657d ago

The game is still $25 +. I'm waiting for it to drop to the actual value of the product.

Quickstrike657d ago

I would still feel ripped off getting it for free.

MadLad657d ago

It's an awesome RPG they did a good job to modernize.
You may not want to play it, but it doesn't mean you need to act all edgy and crap on it.

anast657d ago

D2 is a masterpiece. I want to play it but it is still too much of an ask right now.

sourOG657d ago

I can’t fault activision on this one. “Hostile” for the delay in recognizing their power lmao. Yikes. Good luck with that MS.

coolbeans657d ago

This attitude is why I'm not a big fan of the MS/Acti deal: you're essentially rewarding repulsive higher-ups with golden parachutes versus absorbing talent like the inXile/Obsidian deals.

MadLad657d ago

But the Acquisition is actually ousting these people; allowing the company to move forward.

The current shareholders, despite all the toxicity and both public and internal outcry, just voted in Kotick yet again.

coolbeans656d ago

That's a fair positive, but part of me still hoped their misdeeds would've bit them on the ass in a more damaging way.

MadLad656d ago

Oh, I agree.
I would love nothing more to see someone like Kotick fired on the spot with every employee giving him a kick in the balls on the way out the door.

Unfortunately the world revolves around money, and he made the company a lot of it. Thus the jackass is still around.