Final Fantasy XIII PS3-360 Comparison Screens

After the latest batch of Final Fantasy XIII screens, you can come to a clear choice of which version is going to be the best option for you -- if graphics make the difference.

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bnaked3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

both ugly ;-)

n4f3259d ago

we already know ps3 version will look better no need to hate

FamilyGuy3259d ago

No need to compare.

If you're really interested in comparison shots wait for the inevitable Lens of Truth.

ReBurn3259d ago

Honestly, if they didn't have the name of the system next to the tiny picture I would think they were the same version.

I'd really like to see some HD grabs of the same scenes to get a better idea. Doesn't really matter, though. Because if I do get it I'll pick up the PS3 version.

AliTheBrit193259d ago

Well according the Square Enix themselves, the game is going to look identical on both systems

But hey, who you going to believe, the developers who created the game themselves, or some retarded fanboy?...

silverbeld3259d ago

"While the graphics of both versions are solid, the PS3 appears to be the cleaner of the two."

Yep, I agree with that.

under taker 343259d ago

where are these screens exactly? the only ones Ive been seeing are some printscreens.

Aquanox3259d ago

Sure, wait until the worst more compressed screenshot batch of the 360 version is released and make a comparison article.

What a bunch of idiots. How about using the ones before this batch?

Perjoss3259d ago

JRPGs are not so hot anymore, people that thought they loved them just realized that the problem was there were not any good western RPGs, but thts not a problem anymore.

WMW3259d ago

" How about using the ones before this batch?" You mean the ones that were from the ps3 version with the 360 buttons photoshopped in. : )

Rock Bottom3259d ago

Yeah, the best way to compare HD games graphics is by comparing 430x320 images.

VileAndVicious3259d ago

The PS3 version looks brighter, more vivid and just in general alot more crisper. I guess thats because of the blu ray.

The 360 version looks good though the colors look drab and a bit more washed out. Also maybe its just me but everything in the looks a bit boxy. For instance the characters chins dont look as rounded.

While the 360 version looks suprisingly better than I thought it would, youd be a damn fool if you owned both systems and purchased it on the 360. All the DLC in the world wouldnt change my mind.

tinybigman3259d ago

i know it's off topic but does that guy named metalgearrising really have no life, because take a look at his comment on examiner wow.

anyway on topic to ps3 version looks better to me.

Alvadr3259d ago

Erm will someone please explain to this what a comparison is..

They should be the same screen shots, side by side, in hi res....Not totally diff tiny screen shots on seperate pages.

Saaking3259d ago

uh, even if the PS3 version does look better compared to PS3 exclusives it looks like crap. I will be buying this used.

Bigpappy3259d ago

All conditions need to be the same. The shots are from completely different area of the game. Lens of truth are the best at this.

Saaking3259d ago

LensofTruth won't make a comparison becuase the PS3 version will win. They normally only do comparisons where the 360 wins for stupid reasons.

pixelsword3258d ago

but the PS3 version is already getting nods around the web, so it's hard to counter at this point.

Millah3258d ago (Edited 3258d ago )

There is a very noticeable difference in lighting, specular highlighting, and most importantly anti aliasing. Much more jaggies in the 360 version and textures are not as detailed. Even the color and contrast is a little more vivid on the PS3.

The comparison posted in Neogaf comparing the resolution and anti aliasing gives a much better comparison of the differences.

PS3 has that extra layer of polish that just looks much much better. Its really a bunch of smaller details that all come together to make all the difference. When you see the two games in person on a large screen TV you'll see the difference...well maybe fanboys won't, they'll just trick their minds into thinking the 360 version looks better. Even if Square Enix came out and said it openly (which they won't after all that money MS gave them), the fanboys would still deny that PS3 looks better.

Syronicus3258d ago

So what's the problem? I have been on N4G for some time now and have seen many websites give unfair comparison shots of the PS3 when it came to multiplatform games and now that the tables are turned, you seem to have a problem with this? Sure, go ahead and be a hypocrite.

Consoldtobots3258d ago

"" How about using the ones before this batch?" You mean the ones that were from the ps3 version with the 360 buttons photoshopped in. : )"

and WMW comes around the ring climbs on the turnbuckle and delivers


to the flailing aquanox who is half conscious and even getting into fights with the audience, This fight is over folks.

RAZORLAND3258d ago

yeah, that video "compairison" deserved no hits.

JsonHenry3258d ago

They look too close to call for me. However I bet the uncompressed audio and HD cut-scenes look better on the PS3. But the gameplay itself does not look any different at all to me.

SuperStrokey11233258d ago

could they make the pictures any smaller?

2cents3258d ago

Poorly put together, bad shots. Overall fail.

Im sure there will be many more comparisons in the near future using the same old images to continue this stale fermenting argument.


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SasanovaS19873259d ago

epic fail. your comparison isnt working, and plus, after all that garbage by SE, you really think il believe any comparisons? lost interest after gimped screenshots, lies, linearity, lack of towns, newbie combat system, horrid summons (a motorcycle? what?). plz move on from this multiplatform epic fail of a fantasy game and get on with versus 13

ClownBelt3259d ago

Guys just wait for the game. We won't get any honest comparison if we let SE supply the SS.

koehler833259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

430 x 233... What are these? PSP screens?

DOMination3259d ago

Yeah, nobody wants to show real comparison screenshots because there would be outrage if people found out the 360 got the better version

GiantEnemyCrab3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

These are the screens that have talked about as being some cheap screen captures.. You can even see the mouse pointer in one of them..

EDIT: Disagree all you want doesn't change facts and the truth.

VegaShinra3259d ago

Well Square released them. So they are what they wanted to be released. $hitty capture or not

GiantEnemyCrab3259d ago

So instead of using your brain and realizing something is wrong you just roll with it and accept that this is what the 360 version looks like?

I'm sorry but screen shots are supposed to represent the game and these are not doing it.. Released by SE or not they are still wrong when compared to proper screenshots.

-MD-3259d ago

Giant don't try to reason with them, they're gonna take it and run with it.

Immortal Kaim3259d ago

The only course of action is to wait until both games are released, these cr*ppy 'comparisons' aren't helping anyone...

Godmars2903259d ago

The question is, if they're actually doing it - WHY THE FU*K ARE THEY BOTHERING!?

No fan worth their salt is going to give a damn which system they play it on, I understand this whole mess was because MS wanted the franchise on the 360 giving any 360-only owners no reason to buy a PS3 if they wanted to play it, but I can only imagine those on the fence fans being honestly pissed if the game they get looks worse than press pics.

Nevermind Square throwing their rep away for this.

Consoldtobots3258d ago

"So instead of using your brain and realizing something is wrong you just roll with it and accept that this is what the 360 version looks like?

remember all the GameTrailers fiascos that 360 fanboys like yourself would gloat over and then LMAO @ ps3 owners who tried to say what you just said above.


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