Are Companies Really Shifting Focus to the Wii and DS?

List of Games in development for consoles and handhelds from Capcom, Sega, Bandai Namco.

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ITR4134d ago

Shifting focus doesn't necessarily mean abandoning a platform or platforms

Shifting focus usually means they may make a few more DS or Wii games then say PS3/PSP/360 games.

Common sense people.

kingofps34134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

People go wherever money goes. Developer's shareholders go wherever the money is.

god4bid4134d ago

lol shifting focus doesnt mean not makin games for other systems...highly doubt that lol

scarlett_rg4134d ago

Shifting also implies a future sense of direction. They're not just gonna stop making all of the games they're already working on.

I'm not sure if the news about developers shifting over to Nintendo's systems is true... but the authors of the article present a very weak argument to the contrary. (And to them it seemed like they were nailing the coffin shut on the issue.)

On the other hand, "shifting resources" could just mean that instead of making 10 PS3/PSP games and 1 DS/Wii game, they could make 9 PS3/PSP and 2 DS/Wii. (ie. You can pretty much spin anything into whatever you want. So just because they may or may not be "shifting"... ever if there is, it could still be a VERY minor shift.)

kewlkat0074134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Before Wii got off to a firey start, a alot of Developers where asking the same questions as we do on here.

Is this console going to take off, with the other 2 competitors, we argue, are more deserving of the "next-gen" crown? Is the Wii-mote a gimmick?

Anyhow after 7 + months , even EA was skeptical of the Consoles strengths, and I'm sure they still are, but you can't deny a console, that continues to have strong sales and a large user-base. No matter how much you can whine about it not being next-gen, the bigger the user-base, the bigger advantage the game developers make, can sell to break-even and make some profit. Same goes with the DS, except Nintendo, always had the handheld market.

a. Nintendo SDK's go for about $1700- So that means every programmer can sit at their desk and basically play with it.

b. Xbox 360's SDK's go for about $15,000 - which is still kind of pricey for lower tired developers, but the tools and the support from MS is great, (just ask developers).

c. PS3's SDK's go for about $30,000 - So that means you can probably afford 2-3 of these babies in-house(unless your first-party or EA pimpin), and let's not talk about the learning curve early-on.

If you look at the way Wii's are selling, it would be smart to start adapting to this new way of playing games, as there is still a market for nintendo, and there probably always be as the console is also $250 bucks, which most parents can afford all year around. As for the DS, just look at the sales.(speaks for themselves)

So it comes down the consoles Market-Price, Inexpensive SDK, Easy Learning curve, and Installment-Base. The wii just need more games and I think it will get plenty, from small to big studios. You can pump out games much faster. Let's not talk about japan and how crazy they are for nintendo period.

So by shifting , I think they mean giving the Wii/DS much more attention.

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