Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on Sells 155,000 Units in U.S.

The HD DVD Group announced in April that it had sold over 100,000 players in the U.S. in its first year of availability. The numbers only represented standalone players, and did not include sales of HD DVD PC drives or the Xbox 360 HD DVD player.

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BOOSTIN4136d ago

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The KEN KUTARAGI4136d ago

Don't forget that all of the Launch consoles came with a copy...
My idea :-)
Then I got fired :-(

Where's Bill Gates at? I thought he'd have some input?

Mk Red4136d ago

Th eonly reason we backed HD-DVD was to play "Devil's Advocate" in the Hi Def format arena.
We knew that Blu Ray would win if SONY managed to offload a few million PS3s into peoples' living rooms.
But, for the sake of competition in the market, we stepped up and backed a competing format.
If nothing else, it lowered the prices of Blu Ray media and players, and it created enough of a distraction from the SONY-backed BluRay format, that it may have created a significant stumbling block for the roll-out of the new PS3.

We can always create a Blu Ray add-on for the XBOX360 if the consumer demand is there.

closedxxx4136d ago

If we get enough of you guys imitating the original BILL GATES tool that was on here, maybe that'll steal enough of his thunder, and he'll go away.

I'm having a hard time keeping track of which Bill is the real Bill...
Then again, I guess none of them are.

Crazyglues4136d ago

With Xbox 360 selling well over 5 million units, to say you have sold a 155,000 HD-DVD burners is like seriously embarrassing.

I mean if this was a game they would have to call it a huge flop. But for a HD-DVD add on- something everyone could use, this is beyond just a flop. This is like you can't be serious right now.

Why even announce those numbers. That's like saying hey the ipod did a little over 80 million sold, Oh yeah how much did the Zune do, Uh.. I think it might do one million. - Do you really need someone to point out, that is a huge flop... NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU LIKE THE BROWN... LoL

jmoneezie4135d ago

It's also embarrassing to call them burners when they're not burners. Get off the bandwagon, and finish your oatmeal!

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Kokoro4136d ago

But you have to look at the Playstation 3, which is both so it has a shoein for sure.

Arkham4136d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

The thing that is the studios won't really make that distinction in the long run.

They will look at the greatest number of potential sales, which would be whichever standard has more potential buyers. It'll be "Stand-alone + 360 w/add-on" vs "Stand-alone + PS3".

Nothing's remotely over until Universal steps across (or even straddles) the line. Even then, we can't know what'll happen if there's a deluge of $149-$199 HD-DVD players. I wouldn't count HD-DVD out just yet, though I personally think it's only a matter of time.

Marty83704136d ago

PS3 has sold 1.5 million in US alone. With more hollywood studio support for Blu-ray it's easy to right off HD DVD. Once Universal switch that will be the final nail in the HD DVD coffin.

THE_JUDGE4136d ago

The attach rate is too low for the units to make up the numbers here. Remember right now HD movie company's are working off the razor blade theory. Sell the razor cheap and they'll pay more for the blades. As of now, thats not happening at all. Its Blu-ray thats pulling its weight!

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