NBA 2K10 Surpasses 2 Million Sales Worldwide

In addition to the monumental success of NBA 2K10, the development team at Visual Concepts will receive an added boost this upcoming season by welcoming back longtime NBA 2K gameplay producer, Mike Wang. Bringing a wealth of knowledge from his deep experience in successful basketball titles, Wang will join an already impressive group of developers working on the next iteration of the franchise.

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CaliGamer3163d ago

People sure do love the same crap year after year. Sports games are one of the biggest scams in the video game industry but people can't seem to get enough.

elcompa4253163d ago

hence the reason I leave a 3-4 year window before I buy another sports game of the same franchise. Never really tried a 2K series, I wonder whos better.......EA or 2K??

HOSe3163d ago

2k10 is WACK

blacktop mode = glitched beyond the moon.

chak_3163d ago

still no PC patch since release, kthxbye 2k, I'll check twice next year...if ever