Xbox 360: Microsoft needs to be the bigger man over reliability

Listen up, Microsoft. The whole internet's full of people moaning about their Xbox 360s breaking.

You can't just sit there with your Zunes turned up full blast ignoring the screams of your loyal users, while they suffer, lose their downloaded stuff and have to either buy a new console or pay a ludicrous 80 quid to have it fixed.

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Crazyglues4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I really feel like a company like Microsoft which makes in the 50 billion range from software like Vista, can afford to take the hit on Xbox 360's

I mean the problem is clearly their fault, I did absolutely nothing to my 360 which was always standing up with nothing else around it sitting on a coffee table with plenty of free air when it overheated and decided to die.

Now if you really expect me to buy the next gaming machine from Microsoft, don't they think they should have a better track record of fixing the broke one's. In gaming a good track record is important and people will remember how Microsoft handled this nightmare.

Bill seriously, I mean you can't take the hit on these xbox 360's that you made bad to begin with. Seriously? That's pretty F&*($% UP...

Think about this I paid to get mine fix and the service sucked... they said I would get a free month of live for getting it fix, but when it came back no 1 month live card. So I called and I get tech support in India, Who tells me he can't tell me where the tech support is located.

Are you Serious? The richest man in the world is outsourcing the tech support to India to save money. Jesus Christ Bill, how much money do you need... (and of course the tech support sucked and was the worst.)

Reminds me of this - http://www.scarysquirrel.or...

Thanks bill can't wait to see what Microsoft makes next - TV,..Computers.. ? oh dear god please don't say computers, Blue Screen of Death comes to Mind.. LoL

ASSASSYN 36o4131d ago

They must not suck all that bad being you paid 539.99 dumped into their pockets.

PS360PCROCKS4131d ago

I agree with most of what you say but everytime I have ever called I always get a well spoken american. I guess I am just lucky? I don't know but I do know that Microsoft needs to stand up and take credit for doing something about it. The 360 is an amazing console and it's tons of fun but nobody wants to deal with it always being broken. Mine broke and I was never more mad in my life...Microsoft please for the sake of you and us just fix it! Bioshock, Mass Effect, DMC, GTA etc are all great that you got them for your console but how can I play them if I am using my game money to send you my console to fix it?

Lucidmantra4131d ago

And what happened when my PS2's (3 of them) broke and SOny wanted to charge me about $50 less than a new one costed to fix it???

I went out and got a new PS2.

Dont act like Sony hasn't done the same thing to their customers. Microsoft is offering a 1 year warranty. Gamestop offers a 2 year extended for like $60 more. Spend the $60 for peace of mind like i did.

YES it SUX... But you know what it is funny how fast all the SOny nuthuggers around here forget their company was dealing with this same thing just 3 short years ago.

Lets at least be fair... k??

pilotpistolpete4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

You went through 3 ps2s! Man, what did you do to them? Played it in the shower? My original ps2 never had a single problem in its lifetime up until I traded it in a few months ago.

I'm sure the failure rate of ps2 wasn't nil, but I think the issue here is the unusually large failure rate of the 360. Its true that no actually statistical number exists (MS doesnt want to release them), they seem to be many times the general comercially accepted rate. The general bullet point of this thread is that MS is charging an arm and a leg to get customer 360s fixed when there is obviously a major problem on their part with the design of the system.

Kyur4ThePain4131d ago

What on God's earth does this have to do with the PS2?
Hey, did you know that in the 1800's slavery was accepted as being ok?
Does this mean we do not move on and improve things?

Lucidmantra4131d ago

and Obviously you are a selective reader... I stated you my experiance with my PS2's and you blow them off with your personal experiance. I had the DVD read error problem that was WELLL DOCUMENTED with the PS2's. Not to mention the 5 games that spunn out and ruined when i would eject the disk tray.

Consoles malfunction. that was my point. PS2 had many problems but was a good console in spite of them. The same for the 360.

AND Sony was charging a figure that made going to buy a NEW CONSOLE an option over sending them in. And Sony charged you for shipping to them and for them to ship it back to you. When my 360 friend they sent me a prepaid coffin and sent it back to me free, under warrantee. I have no data about what they charge you for after the warrantee is up. You can't buy a 360 for $140 therefore I am saying... In perspective that Sony was gouging their customers also.

SKullDugger4131d ago

Amen brother after 3 failed 360's and 3 trips to BEST BUY and redoing games and downloads I said enough is enough on the last 360 I told the BEST BUY I'm done can I get a PS3 instead and they were very understanding so I left with a PS3 and peace of mind one lost MS customer, CAN U HEAR ME BILL, anyway the games will come for the PS3, this baby is so quite and no problems at all. Sorry for your loss.

BIadestarX4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

"after 3 failed 360's and 3 trips to BEST BUY and redoing games and downloads I said enough is enough on the last 360 I told the BEST BUY I'm done can I get a PS3 instead" and now you are stuck playing 3rd party games that look inferior than they do on the 360... probably no online features... or playing the crap out the same 2 games... motorstorm.. and Resistance...
I rather have my 360 fix every six month and wait 2 weeks for them to fix it.. and to be stuck without the games I want to play or the online features I am already used to than to pay $600 and be bored to death.... no thanks.... I rather buy another XBox 360 so I always have one as they repair the other.... as long as I have GAMES! GAMES! GAMES! Forget the hardware and consoles.... games define the consoles I own.... I also had to deal with buying 2 PS2 after my first broke.... did I settle for the NOT SO COOL N64 because the PS2 broke on me? Hells no.... I paid for the PS2 3 times... and guess what.. it was worth it... cause I played lots of great games on it...
As long as Microsoft continue to repair them for free.... I don't have a problem and the console continues to have great games... as a gamer there is no option... I may buy a PS3 but it will not be because of hardware reliability.... but because of the games... Now if the XBox 360 would suck as bad as the PS3 in terms of games + have hardware issues... then I would have no reason to own a 360.

That's why I added 2 year warranty to my 360. It cost me less to by another 360 (core $299) since already own a HDD then to pay $600 for a PS3... and I get to keep the games I want...
Heck.. if my XBox 360 breaks.. that's the first thing I Do.

Arkham4131d ago

If the issue was specifically the DRE error and you explained it properly, the repair was free. I sent my 2-3 year old (at the time) launch unit back and had it returned to me for free within 5 days.

Fisher3394131d ago

it was 2 years after the warranty expired, i called tech support, and they fixed it for free, they paid for the shipping too..

guess i was just lucky

TOM4131d ago

Seems to me ,someone who accually had a 360 would know you dont have to pay. What does posting lies do for you? Could you pm me your gamer tag?

dantesparda4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

@ Crazyglues
Im sorry to hear that, that you had to paid the $140 for it. But they tried that same sh!t with me, but i got them to lower it to $35 (first it was a $140, then they lowered it to $70, and then finally to $35). You just needed to keep b!tching at them. Oh and it took me to get the Americans, before they finally decided to drop it to the $35. Like 10 times before that, all i kept getting was the Indians.

@ ASSassyn360
Stop being stupid. If you've invested $400 plus dollars into the system and have all these games, then its hard not have it fixed, but $140 is a fvcking rip-off! And its unethical for MS to charge us to fix it when its obviously their mistake. Fvcking crooks and liars!

@ Lucidmantra
So you're saying cuz Sony did it in the past, that its ok for MS to do it to us now with an even more expensive system? Im sorry but thats just plain stupid. The system has a major problem with it thats killing it and MS needs to own up to it and fix it. FOR FREE!!! and $140 is too fvcking much! PERIOD! it's a rip-off no matter how you spin it

@ XGamer
What are you talking about. If you are out of warranty then you do have to pay, and its $140 unless you can get them to take it down from there (and they'll drop it by 25% increments, up to a 75% maximum), stop being a nut! Many 360's are dying after they are a year old. That's what happened to me. My 1st one (a Nov. 22nd, 2005 launch unit) died after 80-something days. And now this one, (my 2nd one) died after a yr and 3 months. So i paid, $520+ ($400 for the system, $20tax, and 2 yrs of LIVE) for just 1 yr and 6 months worth of gaming. Not worth it!

@ bladestar
You are just a fanboy that is always spewing your stupid sh!t and always trying to fownplay the 360's faults and hype up the PS3's. Mr defender of the 360. Get off its nut sack. It's only a video game system

And you are just the craziest of them all. "Lies"!? Hwat are you crazy? YOU DO HAVE TO PAY. Now put that in your pipe

And to Jay the Balla and toughname. Thanks for "man"-ing up and admitting the truth. Cuz i know that normally you two are Xbox 360 fanboys. But this is a serious matter and MS needs to fix it. And the only way, is if none of us allow them to do it to us

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Firewire4131d ago

Get used to it, almost two years after its release, MS still doesn't even acknowledge a problem. And there 3% bull sounds really retarded!

Jay da 2KBalla4131d ago

Good read and I agree completely. I just sent mine in for repair but I didnt have to pay anything. And they also told me that I get a free month of live. Havent gotten mine back yet but we will see. I dont care how much I like my 360, microsoft needs to own up and just do a public apology or something of the like.

Crazyglue I dont know how you payed them that much money to fix their broken console but then again I guess if thats what they said to do the hey what can you do? I personally would have cussed they ass out.

And what is good though is the guy said that if my replacement console breaks whether its out of warranty or not it still gets fixed for free and I think that once microsoft sees how much money they are losing for fixing all these consoles, the consoles will get more reliable.

toughNAME4131d ago

but yeah microsoft really needs to do atleast admit it...then tell us bullshit that your tryin to fix it...

i mean 360 is fine for now with the best line up this holiday season...but when PS3 starts to catch up...what will MS do?

Munky4131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

I am officially a member of the red ring of death club. Got it yesterday, tried it later on in the day and it was fine, weird...