First Look: XCM Xbox 360 HDMI 1080p cable for original white Xbox 360

Maxconsole has managed to score some exclusive information regarding XCM's 360 HDMI 1080p for use with the original white Xbox 360 console. The cable itself is nearly finished and will be completed in approximately 4 weeks and promises to allow 1080p output on a regular white original Xbox 360

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PSTripleOG4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )


(Edit) @Jason xg1 = Americunt = Shame.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4134d ago

Are you wishing this wasnt true? Is this just another slap in the face to the PS3? How many more times the 360 going to beat down the PS3 on EVERYTHING?

JsonHenry4134d ago

Umm... I am getting 1080p on my white 360 already via VGA cable. What is the big deal?

Wile4134d ago

...but I'd get this just to free up my component input on the back of my TV.

Rybnik4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

Sweet, now I will have absolutely 0 reason to buy an Elite
Its great this company has made it so that effectively, I known an elite,minus the larger hard rive, LOL

solidt124134d ago

This makes the Elite Worth the same amount as a Premium Xbox. If you buy an Elite Now you are a RETARD! I feel sorry for those who wasted their money.

BIadestarX4134d ago

mmm... does that mean... I can play 1080P games on a core console ($299) instead of paying (PS3:$600) to do that? WOW! That's great.

Funky Town_TX4134d ago

HDD space would be the only reason to be an elite. If this add-on cost more than $50 then an elite would be the way to go for non 360 owners. I have a Sammy 1080p TV 3 HDMI and 2 component inputs. I can get a display at 1080p via the comp. but it does not look that great. If the game is not done in 1080p native then it does not matter. I set most of my games to 720p because my sammy upscales better than the 360 does.

SmokeyMcBear4134d ago

wait, so this is going to be an Add-on to the system, sheesh, M$ is really cashing in on the extra added for the system.

DrRage774134d ago

um, where does it say this is an official microsoft cable??? it is a third-party cable, NOT a microsoft add-on cable. it really gets old when people start writing comments that have zero to do with the actual article....are you going to write about how third-party add-on companies are screwing xbox owners by always making add-ons???

Lex Luthor4134d ago

The PS3 doesn't exacty come with HDMI cables now does it? thought not/
So think before you speak please.

Ignorant Fanboy4134d ago

We now realize you have neither a PS3 nor a 360, man your life must suck!
Are you stuck playing a Wii?

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Macdory4134d ago

erm ... don't we already have 1080p output on the white consoles via VGA???

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The story is too old to be commented.