New high quality screenshots of Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudly in Super Street fighter IV.

New screenshots featuring a closer look at the 3 new fighters.

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Myst4729d ago

If only they could have added in Elena as well. I'd be torn between Elena and Juri...

FiftyFourPointTwo4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

I strongly think Elena will be in the next game.
Others that I think will make it in SSFIVT are: Rolento, Sodom, Charlie, Alex, Hugo (too big?), Evil Ryu, a stronger version of Seth and at least 2 new characters. I wish Capcom would buy the Arika characters and put Skullomania in. :)

Still, no sign of rumored arabian character Hakan.

topdawg1224729d ago

Yeah Dudley boy!
3S for life!

mcm4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

Hakan is there. His name is on the character select screen. A pic is up on capcom unity showing his name in the game. There is also one empty slot in the list of names, but that could mean nothing?

near the bottom of the page.

check it out!