A Day Without Games

See it's hard for a gamer, as they don't really want to be the social outcasts. They really don't. But for gamers, they have the most fun inside their residence, as opposed to "normal" people who have more fun outside of their homes. For them, the boring times are the mall trips, or the clubs, or the uppity coffee houses. Regardless of what they are currently engaged in, somewhere in the back of their minds is the wanton desire to get back home and melt face in Rainbow Six: Vegas.

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anh_duong4135d ago

hmm.. shouldn't be hard for ps3 owners like myself. hahaha

Leon Kennedy4134d ago

Comparing fantasy football to MMORPG - now that makes me think. I have to totally agree with him on the sports thing. I just don't care about sports as much as others. Like this guy though, I can bluff my way through sports conversations using names like "Jeff Gordon" and "Michael Vick".

Torch4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

to feel this guy's pain about a day out shopping with your woman as she looks for clothes (the hives, and involuntary spasms & twitches are starting up again just as those torturous moments return to mind.)

Rule of thumb: If you ever go out shopping with your girlfriend/wife for clothes, make absolutely SURE that the facility has an EB Games/Best Buy/Future Shop/Game Department within walking distance!

As soon as I hear "blah, blah blah...just for two SECONDS at the Gap...blah, blah", I make an automated beeline straight for EB!

As an added measure, make sure to throw in "I hope you don't take too long, because if you do, I'm gonna be compelled to buy something...or two."

Worse case scenario at the end of the day: You end up with a new game.

...well, following the ninety minutes that it takes for her to find that "perfect" pocket handkerchief to wear with that that anklet she's been just dying to wear, but sadly hasn't been able to do so because nothing fashionably matched with it until now.

Havince4134d ago

to cope with this they have no life

4134d ago
Bi11 Gates4134d ago

"A Day without games"
That could be the title for every day since I've purchased my PS3...

I'm a fcuking idiot... I should kill myself

Timesplitter144134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

You bought a PS3 for Fall 2007. Everyone did. And THEN you won't even have the time to try all the games you want...

But something tells me that you didn't really buy a PS3 because :
1- Look at your name
2- You probably only wanted to bash the PS3
3- PS3 owners wouldn't say that since they'd know it has good games

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