Blade And Soul Confirmed For Xbox 360/PS3 In 2011

Blend Games writes "One of the most highly talked about MMORPGs is the upcoming real-time combat, visually impressive, Blade and Soul...and the CEO of NCSoft, Kim Taek Jin, dropped a pretty big news bomb in a conference call, revealing that the game is in development for current generation consoles and currently on schedule for a 2011 release."

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xHarvey4177d ago

Isn't NCSoft suppose to be developing a game for the PS3?

Godmars2904177d ago

Nothing ever came of that the same nothing came of the Namco deal.

NYC_Gamer4177d ago

hey the company is 3rd party so it should be multiplat

Tetsuryu4177d ago

If I recall correctly, the deal was called off.

vhero4177d ago

Indeed NCSoft has a deal with Sony and the article does NOT say 360 just the title. I think this is taken out of context I think we should wait for official word. NCSoft are designing 2 MMORPG's for the PS3 exclusively and this could be one. Guild wars 2 is the other (hopefully :p).

Sangria4177d ago

Apparently, the deal is canceled since months.

Reibooi4177d ago

Funny how they say this is one of the most talked about MMO's because I have never heard of it.

The only real MMO's that I hear people talking about that are not yet out are Blizzards next MMO and Final Fantasy XIV.

Perjoss4177d ago

This game could be a huge turd, but if anything the art style is nothing short of amazing, just watch this video!

they have some serious talent over there.

Raoh4177d ago

yeah the deal fell through..

sony didnt push hard enough and ncsoft was doing their own thing really dismissing the consoles for a while..

shame, either way i've been looking forward to this title. might go check out the pc version.

gaffyh4177d ago

This one looked the best when they showed it a while ago, so will take a look when it is released.

ThanatosDMC4176d ago

I'm more interested in that Kingdom Underfire 2... this one looks too much like a power rangers type of MMO while being ninjas. Watch the youtube vids.

SSJSubgeta4176d ago

@Sangria look at the articles source you listed. they updated the article at the request of NCsoft. The title in development was called "MOG" and very little to no info was revealed about this game. That is the game that was canceled.

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Hellsvacancy4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Oh dear, wot is it wid all these girlie lookin games man? REALLY isnt 4-me,

Dont hate, its just me, i know wot i like/dont like

Bigbangbing4177d ago

Yeah we need more gore-ish and FPSs games! /s

huh, anyway, based on the pic, I thought this game.. something not MMOish.

Godmars2904177d ago

I don't even know what you're talking about...

Bigbangbing4177d ago


well, allow me to translate:

wot: what
wid: with
lookin: looking
isnt: isn't
Dont: don't
its: it's
like/dobt like: that vary, doubt or don't.

themafia4177d ago

yes they do have an exclusive coming to the PS3

alphakennybody4177d ago

bayonetta much? those legs are way long and the faces totally doesn't match the body.

Jsynn74177d ago

I was going to buy a high end PC just for this game but I could just wait now. This game looks awesome.

Karum4177d ago

MMO's always look awesome prior to release. It's only when they are actually released and have been up and running for a while is when you'll know if it is actually any good.

I've lost count of the number of MMO's that I've played that looked awesome but were a disappointment with Aion being the most recent.

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