The Guessing Game: Sony's E3 showing

When coupled in the same sentence, the words "Sony" and "E3" will forever resonate memories of their legendary 2006 press conference. A year has passed and while Sony has managed to shake off the giant enemy crabs, their PlayStation 3 is being trampled by larger entities: the competition. With a management shake-up and a few promising titles, it's time for Sony to come out swinging.

The guesses:
1. A Newly Designed PlayStation Portable
2. A Price Cut for the PlayStation 3
3. A Playable Build of Killzone 2
4. 80GB PlayStation 3 Announced for America
5. A New SixAxis Controller, Complete with Rumble
6. God of War III Announced
7. Something, Anything, Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy XIII

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kewlkat0074136d ago

I'm getting tired of these E3 "guess what will be there", or "what you want to be there" articles.

E3 will come...I'm out.

Bill Gates4136d ago

GT 5.....My little love nectar...HAHAHHA

ShiftyLookingCow4136d ago

"This game is based on real Japanese history .... and I am fighting a giant crab"

toughNAME4136d ago

i styll cant believe the primary controller for a console has no rumble

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