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For the best of the best there are obscure tournaments, well lit glorious tournaments for all types of players, and amateur tournaments held in game stores.. Tournaments are available for blockbuster games like Halo 2, Geas of War, Forza 2, and Madden to smaller arcade games like Pac Man and Worms. The very first thing to do while looking for a tourney is finding out which type it is and where it is. Are you joining a LAN or an online type? Furthermore are you more interested in joining a tourney, league, or ladder?

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Diselage4134d ago

I can't believe they forgot one of the newest one, Championship Gaming Series.

nobizlikesnowbiz4134d ago

One way they could improve XBL is to include some type of support in the menus for XBL competitions. Not really polished idea on my part, I'm just dreaming of all the online possiblities :).

closedxxx4134d ago

Did you mean to post under this article?
"What Microsfot Can Do To Improve Xbox Live "