Wii edges PS3 in Famitsu reader poll

360 makes up ground as well.

A poll conducted by Famitsu magazine has revealed that Japanese gamers prefer the Wii over the PS3 – but only just.

Of the approximately 1,600 people polled, 38.9 per cent said they prefer the Wii, whereas 30 per cent said they favour the PS3. The 360 trailed behind on 23.1per cent.

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Torch4227d ago

considering how it's notorious for being allegedly unpopular in Japan.

the_round_peg4227d ago

that 23.1-percent of Japanese prefer Xbox 360 over Wii and PS3. I thought the number would be less than 10 percent.

MK_Red4227d ago

Wow, either the poll numbers are incorrect or those that voted for 360 were lying. Wii is selling really good there, PS3 not too good and 360's situation is simply terrible but these number suggest that market for 360 shouldn't be that bad for 360 in Japan. Shocking indeed.

Loudninja4227d ago

All these topics always put the PS3 in negtaive light

4227d ago
1337 gamer4227d ago

them numbers are probably just at the moment. no games that excite japanese people are released on the ps3 yet so thats not a surprise that the numbers are like that now.

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The story is too old to be commented.