Mad for Madden? Major revamp for latest installment set to revolutionalise the series for next-gen

After years of near-identikit Madden NFL releases, it appears that we could be about to see some sweeping changes that'll revolutionalise the series for next-gen consoles. With the game set to ship on Xbox 360 at the end of August, Dale Jackson (executive producer on the Xbox 360 version) was keen to showcase the array of features that he believes will make Madden NFL 07, "the most immersive and most authentic [American] football game of the seventeen-year history of the franchise."

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Sphinx5410d ago

I love the sound of the 360 version!

Sexius Maximus5409d ago

I hate Madden. I've always hated Madden, I always will hate Madden. Nothing personal. When SEGA was doing the 2K thing, football was tolerable. Sorry everyone, I just don't like football games.

LK5409d ago

you guys ready for this. i'm ready, bring it on baby.


Madden is HUGE in the USA. my family buy all the games each year, and they all want this for my 360!

silent ninja5409d ago

without this game EA would be nothing

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