Five PS3 games to dominate E3

GamerZines take a look at a collection of announced and unannounced PS3 games that they expect to see at this year's E3.

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Hellsvacancy4727d ago

Call of Duty 7? not 4-me thanks

THC CELL4727d ago

cod is dead now

Bring a new socom and getaway and we will talk

by the way some of these games are MP games not just sonys

Venatus-Deus4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

Fall 2010

Arc stuff
Twisted Metal/or jaffe game
Resistance 3
Motorstorm 3
3D Gaming

Teasers for 2011

Last Guardian (maybe 2010)
Killzone 3
Syphon Filter

Big Announcement

Splinter Cell: C and Mass effect series to PS3

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4727d ago

Yeah, CoD has lost a lot of the respect it once had

Wrathman4727d ago


come on..that game is aweful.

fair enuff for the rest of your list.. but resistance!!

SL1M DADDY4727d ago

First they do a 360 games that dominate E3 and now PS3 games. Sorry, but we know so little about these games and tech that to say that any one company will dominate E3 at this point in time is silly. And to make it even more silly they write multiple articles about each company "dominating" E3. Only one can do so and it is too early to tell who. Please quit this BS.

theEnemy4727d ago

really ?


Killzone 3 would have been much better.

Monchichi0254727d ago

If this is what I have to look forward to on my PS3 then it's gonna be a sad year for my black shiny player. I mean all I'm looking forward to is FFXIII, Bad Company 2 and maybe Heavy Rain. Everything else I want is coming to my 360. Oh and Dead Rising...just to even things up a little. But this is only my opinion as a casual gamer.

avengers19784727d ago

Wrathman----The Resistance series is awesome, The first one was the only good PS3 launch game and the second one still has people playing the multiplayer. Resistance 3 will be huge...just thinking about it makes me want too play through the first 2 again.

va_bank4727d ago

There's no need to announce it. There WILL be one EVERY year, like Guitar Hero - Activision are masters of milking.

A Cupcake for Gabe4727d ago

Even though Treyarch isn't the greatest development, I think MW2 has proven that the IW team are the kings of douchebag game developers. And i actually give it to Treyarch, cause [email protected] didn't have the issues like MW2 has. MW3 can eat it. I think I will buy the next Treyarch game, cause though it may not have the FLAIR, it will actually play well..hehe
And Treyarch's Vet Mode is truely challenging. While I am on it, I think killstreak perks in the next COD like artillary strikes, suicide bombers, and bouncing betties, would be really awesome.

WildArmed4727d ago

wow. that is a pretty bad list..
Seriously now?

sikbeta4727d ago

lol @ Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Call of Duty 7

This is For Real?

KZ3 + Getaway Sequel + 8Days + TM = EPIC WIN

Gamers FTW!!!

harrisk9544727d ago

This article is lame... Missing in action:

Last Guardian
Motion Controller games
3D games

shadow27974727d ago

Why isn't Gran Turismo 5 on the list? It's confirmed (unlike most of the list) and it's a huge game.

I'd also like to see some Versus. Leave COD7 for MS's conference, they generally focus more on multiplats anyhow.

I'd also be pretty surprised if we didn't see a few more new IPs.

FACTUAL evidence4727d ago

Killzone 3
The last guardian
Gran turismo 5
Resistance 3
Infamous 2

Saaking4727d ago

I REALLY hate when this lists include multiplat games. I mean, with so many PS3 exclusives to choose from, why would we want multiplats? PS3 exclusives have proven themselves superior to anything else.

aaron58294727d ago

personally, i would love to see GT5 (show off weather effects, day night cycle), Last Guardian and FFV13 ....


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Myst4727d ago

Eeeh...If those were some of the games for PS3 at E3 that are supposedly going to dominate other games, then I may have to bid my time on something else. InFamous 2 and perhaps Metal Gear Solid: Rising are the only things I'd look forward to...

danfry4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

This is a list of 5 very average games by 5 very average developers (apart from MGS). If these games dominate E3, then E3 this year will be very disappointing. Nothing to see here - move along.

Dev8 ing4727d ago

Rising will be nothing more than average. It isn't Kojima. You want a good new metal gear get peace walker.

coolfool4727d ago

The first one was brilliant and great fun to play. I am definitely looking forward to some information on the second.

I think we should also get some more details on Final Fantasy versus XIII now that FFXIII is practically out the door.

monkpunk14727d ago


The Agency?
Last guardian?
Final fantasy versus?
Killzone 3? (maybe)
DC Universe?
Final Fantasy 14?

Plus many more, that are EXCLUSIVE.....

Article fails, miserably

Venatus-Deus4727d ago

Yeh... maybe we'll finally get to see more of The Agency and DC Universe.

Myst4727d ago

+Final Fantasy XIV launches this year.
+DC Universe ( some places ) reveal that it is to release this year as well.
+A few places have Last Guardian as TBA 2010.

I'd expect the others to be there, but I don't know about Final Fantasy XIV and DC Universe. One place stated early 2010 ( nothing as of yet so It either A. Got pushed back more or B. Will release sometime in summer), same with Final Fantasy XIV I'd guesstimate summer release or a bit before.

Chris3994727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

Don't think we'll see it on consoles till 2011. Personally, there's not much that I'm interested in for the fall. I do hope to hear more about Edge of Twilight though. That one really looked interesting, but the developers were involved in a legal squabble with the Trademark Troll (name I can't remember) and dropped off the radar. Don't know if they had a publisher yet either.

I just hope that Quarter 3 and 4 aren't just all about they mega-hype titles and motion control. I'm a niche gamer and I don't give a $hit about waggle (and all it's permutations - Arc, Natal).

JoeReno4727d ago

I really dont think that Sony would waste time showing COD7 or any Multi platform game when they have such a great line up of 1st party games in the works. The list in the article is junk other than InFamous, and I enjoyed R:FOM, but didnt care for the story mode in the 2nd, I did heard that the multiplayer was better but never gave it a chance.

Myst4727d ago

XIV is to launch world-wide on all systems ( I believe ) and every region at the same time. Unless they went back and changed something.

Chris3994727d ago

Read the "Fine Print" section. An excerpt:

"The current tester recruitment is for the Windows version of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Test only. Details regarding recruitment for the PlayStation 3 version will be released at a later date."

As the PC Beta date hasn't been set in stone, I doubt we'll see a console release this year. There was another comment made by some SE honcho that I'm trying to find (without success) that leans towards this reasoning as well. If I find it, I'll post it.

Myst4727d ago

I could see how the Playstation 3 one would be released later, as getting recruits for that system and even making sure that they are the only ones to get the download may prove a bit difficult. Though I'm sure a key and launching it on the PS store would help.

I've also started to look for it to, but have yet to find any updates thus far. Last one was 17 days ago, but it was more about the game than the Beta process. Haven't even gotten any word about it from my email would be nice for them to select a few people already.

danfry4726d ago

Yeah that's more like it.

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Cajun Chicken4727d ago

Y'know, I never once even thought about Infamous 2 being a prequel. That could be totally awesome in a 'JJ Abraham's Star Trek' way.

Venatus-Deus4727d ago

The problem with prequels is that you know the ending and probably the events leading up to it, thus there are no surprises.

Infamous was quite story driven so maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. The first game was great, so the second has a lot to live up to.

raztad4727d ago

The timeline in inFAMOUS is totally messed up, you know because someone mess with time :D. inFAMOUS story allows for incredible freedom. I dont expect the game to be out this year, it's way too soon.

This year is for Jafee's game (I hope), Starhawk? The Last Guardian, R3 (something big is being cooked for this, no news so far). I'm pretty curious about The Agent and what Rockstar has accomplished focusing exclusively on the PS3.

sorceror1714727d ago

Yeah, I'd hope they move the inFamous story forward instead of rehashing things. I still think getting a sequel out in a year is pretty rushed, too. Not that I don't *want* more inFamous, I just want it to be *good*.