Konami's E3 Game Release Announcement Lineup

These are all on a user tip, Konami will announce this release lineup during E3 so we beat them to the punch.

1. -DDR Supernova 2 for the PlayStation 2

2. -DDR Universe 2 for the Xbox 360

*Free Style mode is back

3. -Karaoke Revolution: American Idol 2 for the PlayStation 2

*40 new songs

* More character customization

* More judge comments

* New Eye Toy feature

Both Karaoke Revolution: AI2 and DDR Universe 2 are reportedly supposed to be reported in October

4. -DDR Disney Challenge for the PlayStation2

*50 new songs including some from High School Musical

* Exclusive Modes

5. -A Indoor Sports game for the Wii

* Including darts, shuffle board, bowling, pool and other games

6. -Bomberman Land for the Wii and DS

*50 minigames

* 25 four-player minigames

7. -Fishing Master for the Wii

* Over 100 types of fish

8. - A Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the PlayStation 2

* Over 2400 cards

* 40 characters

* Follows the story line of the TV show

9 -Another Yu-Gi-Oh! game for the PSP

* Over 1600 cards with more available as download-able content

10 -Girls Secret Diary for the DS

* "Record your secrets and dreams in your journal"

* Wifi chat and pictochat

* Includes various minigames

* Other features like a clock and calculator

Some Midway games were also revealed including the rebirth of the Cruis'n series for the Wii features licensed games and 12 cities and a Midway indoor sports game for the Wii featuring Darts, table hockey, trivia, ping cup and many more minigames.

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Blackmoses5756d ago (Edited 5756d ago )

hmmmm no mention of Metal Gear 4....hmmmm should I be worried?

Loudninja5756d ago

these are getting old,Oh and Blackmoses these are suppose game announcements not lineup for E3

Nicosia5756d ago

^^ What Loudninja said. Nothing realy intrest me on the list though.

BIadestarX5756d ago

I hope Konami is being concervative and they want to surprise us... this list kind of sucks...

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The story is too old to be commented.