"The Darkness" Video Review From Gamer TV

Darkness video review from this weeks Gamer TV.

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Premonition4135d ago

Going to pick this up some time next week.

HungPHAT4135d ago

Picking it up this Tuesday for sure!!

MK_Red4135d ago

I think they're being a bit harsh to Darkness. 8 (4 out of 5) is a bit too low but I guess they dont have 8.6 or something. 1UP gave it 9 and EG gave it 8. its time for IGN/GS to enter.

Excalibur4135d ago

Just and FYI, if you have a Circuit City or Target in your area you can get a better deal.

Circuit City has it for $49.99 and Target has it at regular price but is giving a free $10.00 gift card.

have Fun, I know I will.

MK_Red4134d ago

A have sense of Deja Vu that says you just posted this in another topic but hey, cool info.

Excalibur4134d ago

I just know how quick some of these stories fall of the page.

id dot entity4134d ago

I really want this game. Will pick it up asap.