Metal Gear Solid 2&3 Theme Orchestra

The Metal Gear Solid 2/3 theme, as performed by the Eminence Orchestra, original music composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.

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Norad64132d ago

these guys also do a SICK "One Winged Angel." Its on youtube somewhere.

Timesplitter144132d ago

Seriously MGS pwns all. What's Halo compared to this greatness?

Babylonian4132d ago

No game comes close to this

Lord Anubis4132d ago

my fave and the best video game song there is (at least for me) is Metal Gear Solid's ending

"The best is yet to come"

it was marvelous after completing the game. Another song that made shed a tear was ICO's ending song. I had downloaded it but I'm not sure what happened to the song, I don't remember the name either. :(