Sony anwers to Geohot's PS3 hack with a patent

Recently a new patent by a SONY employee was published, it seems it is Sony's response for Geohot's latest PS3 hack.

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red2tango3880d ago

I find this patent pointless. This patent does not stop Geohot in any way. Hackers don't revolve around the law, a patent will not slow his progress.

butterfinger3880d ago

but perhaps Sony wanted the patent so they can more easily seek legal action against Geohot.

red2tango3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Most likely, but didn't he do it before any patent was filed therefore rendering him innocent. Apple couldn't make a case against him, so I doubt Sony can. Do you think Sony will try to sue him?

Cyrus3653880d ago

It's not meant to get this dude, cause he's released the info out to the public, however Anyone else who "FOLLOWS" his work in a similar fashion using his way to fully exploit the system, will make it super easy for Sony to sue and win.

Now not only potential hackers have to find another method to exploit the system, or hope Geohot continues to do so himself (But he said himself he's moving on).

ReservoirDog3163880d ago

So if I'm understanding this right (and I'm probably not so please correct me), this basically means hacking the PS3 like this guy is illegal right?

red2tango3880d ago

Geohot has not completely moved on. He recently announced that the PS3 is %100 hacked. Him and Xorloser are communicating together still on the PS3. It's funny how Geohot said that Sony can't patch it since it's hardware based so Sony decided to create a patent. lol.

iceman28853880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Although this patent was just published, that doesn't mean it wasn't filed 18 months prior (US Patent office doesn't publish patent applications for public viewing until 18 months after filing or unless the company files a petition to publish immediately).

Also, the patent would not and cannot be used to punish the hacker in criminal or civil court. A patent is simply a claim to the invention of whatever is described therein. So basically all Sony could do with this patent is pursue legal action or get a piece of the action of people who try to use the described system in the patent.

Basically, this patent is either (1) a system is to prevent future hacking of the system against the hacker's described hack; (2) the current hacking prevention system on the PS3 which hasn't been approved of a patent yet or (3) the system Sony plan's to use on other hacker prevention such as the next playstation.

To sum it up, this patent probably has nothing to do with the hacker, unless it's to prevent his hacking of their next system, fix their current system, or it's just a coincidence that it was published now.

red2tango3880d ago

This patent should be thrown out the window. It's a process of hacking, not patent-worthy.

iceman28853880d ago

Sony's patent isn't for a process of hacking, it's a system for preventing hacking.

Even so, one could patent a process of hacking if they so desired (a method of performing something is patentable subject matter), it would just be near impossible to prosecute anyone for using their patented process because it would be hard to prove people used the patented process.

N4BmpS3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Some how I think Sony is playing chess with this dude, more than likely Sony has their legal staff racing around the clock to nail this guy and any other person with the intention of pirating games. I don't see what this patent is doing, it's probably not directed towards Geohot's hack per-say, maybe to scare him a little(slthough why would be scared) they made it more public. The journalist should have went into more detail since he reported it.

Persistantthug3880d ago

But for weeks we've been hearing how "hacked" the PS3 is and/or is becoming...etc, etc.

Well.....where's the proof? Where's the youtube vid? Youtube is a click away right?

I'm not expecting a full blown pirate hack or a full homebrew app or anything like that, but show me something already.
Hell, I'd settle for a simple "HELLO DAVE" or a "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE".

Is that too much to ask?

Stop telling me the PS3 is hacked and show it already.
*rant off now*

N4BmpS3880d ago

Well Geohat "claims" that he would eventually release the steps, I also remember someone distributing a link to steps to hack the PS3. Ofcourse a week later I also heard that the steps failed and no one could play their pirated game because they didn't properly hack it or the hack was incomplete. I wish I had the links.

red2tango3880d ago

You guys got it all wrong. Hacked doesn't have to mean it plays burned games. He hacked the hypervisor. You can't just expect to play burned games. Someone has to create an ISO loader. And Xorloser actually released a tutorial on how to do it and the devs at even managed to get dumps.

princejb1343880d ago

who cares
i still wouldnt waste my time downloading 25gb-50gb of data for one game
not even worth it

red2tango3880d ago

Back in the day when the PS2 was on top of the modding scene, my friend bought games at the china town for 5 bucks each. Since Blu-ray is more expensive I guess they'd sell for 15-20.

TheDudeAbides3880d ago

Anyway good job Sony, PS3 is out like 3,5 years (3 in Europe) and still NOT hacked. And by hacked I mean every kid cn play pirated games. And I hope it will not happen anytime soon.
And make it even harder to hack with PS4 :).

FACTUAL evidence3880d ago

Yeeah, have fun trying to go threw six have fun. Oh BTW, have fun DLing like 18gb iso's.

fatstarr3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

and the Shyt hits the fan.
i am impressed the ps3 has stayed this uncrackable this far.
it shows potential for future things.

but sony knows its over or else they wouldnt file a patent. once this guys followers get to work its all over. Brilliant minds like him only make the next generation of security 10x better.

and also blueray burning seems like it would be expensive. it requires a blueray burner. blue ray disks. software etc. its too early to be pirating ps3 things give it 2 years when everything is dirt cheap like dvds.

Persistantthug3880d ago

But if you are gonna claim "HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME, I'VE HAX'ED THE PS3...YEAH"

You better damn well have some kind of proof....

Give me Hal9000.......I'd settle for GLADOS at this point.

"Hello Dave" and a Youtube upload can't be that hard to do for a Hacker, right?

Theonik3880d ago

lol @everyone thinking this is a patent to sue this guy.
This patent is for a new encryption system to prevent unauthorized code from being executed. Probably either an attempt by sony to stop the hackers from making anything usefull out of this in the future or an idea for the PS4. Hell it might even be the current PS3 system and Sony could be releasing it now to show that it cannot be hacked.

nevimkdojsem23880d ago

geofake hasn't hacked anything, he just found a useless glitch. I assure you this so called hack won't lead to the possibility of playing pirated games or running your apps in gameOS. Moreover it's easy for Sony to patch this glich if they wanted - they just have to remove the OtherOS link from XMB. People at Sony who implemented the PS3 security mechanisms must have a good laugh reading reports about this alleged hack.

phosphor1123880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

It's a patent for a new encryption design. Basically it's a "brute force" protection... but decryption can be done with less steps, but only if you know two encrypt.. It's hard to explain..

Regardless, you guys missed the reason for this whole news article.

EDIT: I see a few guys that can read. Glad to see that not everyone just reads the headlines alone. =]

morganfell3880d ago

From a legal standpoint, the patent allows for civil and legal liability to be placed against hackers. Particularly damaging is the civil liability. It isn't the violation per se of the patent that is the issue but rather Sony can demonstrate their patent was damaged or made less valuable. How would these hackers feel about having even a small sum levied against them, say $10 Million? How would they like to have every asset they owned seized and have themselves financially wiped out. Contrary to popular belief, many of these hackers have something of a profile and aren't exactly hiding out in a 3rd world country under and alias.

Lionsguard3880d ago

Only American companies sue, Sony is a Japanese company, Sony will send ninja assassins.

Theonik3880d ago

LMAO! They are going to get you too for uncovering their plans.

xAlmostPro3880d ago

he's no longer invloved.. he made an exploit claiming it was hacked but had a bunch of stuff missing so he gave it to the hacking community so they can progress it..

also its pointless anyway.. it cant be done on slims, it might not be able to be done past the firmware he used and it requires software/hardware and opening up your ps3 lol.. even if this all works out to create game piracy mfor the ps3.. whos so sad and that much of a cheapskate to sit and go through all of this then download over 20gb per game lol..

zoks3103880d ago

Someone should hack this guys face, what is he trying to do, is he trying to smile?

catguykyou3880d ago

If you can completely hack the system like you could on the original XBOX you won't have to download any games. Just go and rent/borrow a bunch of PS3 games and copy them to the easily upgradable PS3 hard drive.With a cheap Tb HD, you can fit a few hundred PS3 games on there.

Eamon3880d ago

lol, Sony couldn't find a way to fix the hole so they respond with a patent.

As if that is going to stop modders and hackers out there. Look at Microsoft's struggle with "filesharing games" on Xbox 360

inveni03880d ago

We hear the PS3 is 100% hacked, but there's been absolutely no video evidence, no widespread solution for distribution of the hack to the masses, and no confirmation of the hack by Sony. A patent is absolutely meaningless. All a patent does is prevent people from DUPLICATING technology. So, unless Sony patents the hack, what's reported here is not an effort against a hack.

If you ask me, the PS3 is still perfectly secure. This guy may have found a neat little glitch in the system, but I really highly doubt that we'll be seeing any progress toward homebrew or pirated software any time in the next year. This dude is just aching to be back in the limelight.

D4RkNIKON3880d ago

I love how every one is talking about playing pirated games and how they will be MASSIVE downloads that won't be worth it. Who has a Blueray burner anyway? Well first off some one could create an ISO loader that runs off of an external HDD, solving one issue.

Also not every one wants to pirate games, IT IS ALL ABOUT TEH HOMEBREW PEOPLE! All of the features that people ask of Sony firmware updates can become a reality through homebrew. In game music? Homebrew.. Cross game chat? Homebrew.. Custom themes? Emulators? Apps? You name it.

indysurfn3880d ago

recently I tried Chrome, IE8, Firefox 3.5.7 and cant open the page. So I went to google and pasted in the search text. Then I clicked on the 'cahced' page so I can see it and behold the hack information!

Proxy3880d ago

The hacker will just say "hey, I was able to do that before the patent was filed" and thus the patent will be thrown out.

Or perhaps the patent instead will be rightfully transferred to the hacker? :) One can only hope.

altimako023880d ago

sony knows that this hack works so there trying to scare people away from doing it

Persistantthug3880d ago

All I've seen to date, is a "HACKED UP" PS3.

And it looked like a mess, btw.

HSx93879d ago

This is just a simple Console exploit, it will not bring burned games or custom homebrew, another part of the console needs to be hacked for that. The hack geohot found dumps non-important data.

Trevorthenerd3879d ago

if you want to mod a console get a wii or a ds.

blu_yu_away3877d ago

This is in no way a patent setting up a way for Sony to legally go after hackers. All this patent is for is a new method for Sony to attempt to prevent hacking, either in a future firmware update for the PS3 or for use on the inevitable PS4. Even if Sony wanted to sue Geohot they wouldn't be able to. Hacking isn't illegal, just the piracy many people inevitably end up using it for is. It may break the EULA, void the warranty and be cause for ban from PSN but there is no legal action that can be taken.

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Karooo3880d ago

now bots have to stick to their 100$ arcade :(

Persistantthug3880d ago

because that's approx how much a hack-banned 360 costs on Craigslist....less even.

Still not a hack-modded PS3 in sight.
true story.

Wrathman3880d ago

seriously if hacked ps3's and pirated games came widely available i still wouldnt buy any of it.

first let me stress 1 point..its not because its a ps3 or blu-ray.

and i have never owned a chipped ps2 or xbox.i like to think i earn things.pirating cheapens my experience.both on games and movies and music.i work hard all day and when i come home i like to think i earned game gives you an appreciation for what you got.

its not about funding terrorisim or gangs.or even stealing from the people who made the game.first and foremost it comes down to my hard work and my joy.and if i havent earned it then, its an empty experience.

who wants a £5 pirate copy with a cheap case printed on a cheaper epson printer?that comes with no book!or a cheap cam release of a movie with bad sound?and even poor music with low bit rate sound?

game rental..1 week..£5
music single...80p...album £8
bluray movie..1 night..£3.50 or 2 for 2 nights £6
or even go to the movies for... well that is a rip-off

Barbapapa3880d ago

if he lives in a 3rd world country hes probably dead a long time ago. make me wonder why dark alex stopped m33 :D

TheDudeAbides3880d ago

Spain is not 3rd world country you ignorant.

mastiffchild3880d ago

No, Spain isn't a third world country. Wales on the other hand...

Isn't the term "developing world" these days anyway? But, yeah, hiding lout in Rhyl is a far beetr bet than Madrid or Valencia in my book and especially so now they've got clockwork powered dial up in the Valleys and along the North coast(according to my nan!)towards Anglessey! It's even worse here in The Engl;ish Lakes where we do our Email by smoke effin signal.

BlackAvenger73880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

I live in Jordan, which is a "3rd world" country.. and for ur information u can go here to any store and buy a modded 360 and find pirated games on shelves (u don't even have to download anything, and top games cost less than 7 bucks), but with that said, do u believe that we have way more PS3s sold than 360s even though normal edition PS3 games cost around 90 bucks!!(I bought MAG c.edition for a 100 bucks)..

Don't get me wrong, I just have a PS3 now(my 360 RRODed), but those ur making fun off are laughing at u, and enjoying every 360 game out there!

Barbapapa3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

i said IF which means hypothetically. my point is a huge company like sony can take the law into their own hands in countries that are judicially challenged bringing their own justice to someone pioneering a way to exploit their product that could cause them to lose large sums of money.

Eamon3879d ago

Actually Sony didn't really "own" anyone. lol

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i_am_interested3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

how does this have anything to do with geohot? and not some kind of new hardware that sony wants to create

even if it does apply to the ps3, so they file a patent for a security system, and?

they never even mentioned the Cell BE or the Playstation 3 in this patent

sounds like to me sony's just patenting its security system to be used in any future devices rather than as a response to geohot

iceman28853880d ago

That's probably right, that or it's the patent security system on the current ps3 that just happened to be published recently (since patent applications aren't immediately published upon filing unless desired by the company).

My reasoning is explained in my above post.

fatstarr3880d ago

i think what sony is doing. is filing this for its security systems so that when they patch w.e who ever breaks it again can be charged with X or w/e or just my interpretation

Theonik3880d ago

Can anyone please tell me how you can disagree about me agreeing?

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Enjoi9151113880d ago

huh? <---a non hacker.....

I say "huh?"

PS360PCROCKS3880d ago

X2 my friend...I have no clue wtf this is about