PS3, 360, Wii, E3 07 And More: All The Latest Rumors

Rumor Reporter:

As promised, here's the massive Ask Bruce update. The next couple of weeks will be very interesting for me, so please do your best to give me the best questions all of you can muster. E3 is just around the corner, so maybe a few innovative ones would spark some interest in me revealing a few more leaks. Anyway, here's everybody's questions this week answered…

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Rhezin4187d ago

Those questions SUCKED

crck4187d ago

What a waste of time. I seriously thought I was reading a Nintendo blog....

Rybnik4187d ago

Did you guys actually read everything for June in there?? In fact I went back to May, just for fun and it appears that this guys info pretty much matches the type of info Scrivener used to have..ALL OF WHICH WAS PROVEN (aside from KZ).
I'm focusing on the Sony stuff, but there is good Microsoft stuff there too. There have been multiple entries on KZ PS3 all of which say it is coming along well, and a few which state that it should come in playable form this E3. Other really interesting note is multiple confirmations that FF7 remake will happen, and that it is rather a question of when, not if.
Hey we'll see they are just rumors, but this guy seems to have some kind of credibility--lots of peeps write in. I donno though, some of his stuff does seem almost too good to be true...