Addiction experts say video games not an addiction

Doctors backed away on Sunday from a controversial proposal to designate video game addiction as a mental disorder akin to alcoholism, saying psychiatrists should study the issue more.

Addiction experts also strongly opposed the idea at a debate at the American Medical Association's annual meeting.

They said more study is needed before excessive use of video and online games -- a problem that affects about 10 percent of players -- could be considered a mental illness.

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MK_Red4227d ago

Thank God finally someone says something that makes sense. It was just last week that lots of lunatics were saying videogames are pyschic disorder or something.

scarlett_rg4227d ago

Yes exactly. The last thing we need is to have our tax dollars going to treatment for "video game addiction".

Like give me a break. If that ever happens, Jack Thomspon will be right!... video games WILL lead to real life violence!... ME!... against the idiots who would classify this as a medical condition.

Diselage4227d ago

To be honest i bet as soon as they do more research i bet they will classify it as an addiction because gambling can be an addiction so what's stopping video games from being addicting.

sjappie4227d ago

but off course not physicaly, like alcohol and drugs

Bleyd4227d ago

It's not the video games themselves that are addicting but rather people that have personalities that are prone to addictive behavior are finding that they can indulge in their obsessive/compulsive like behaviors without the attention of the general public because gaming is most often done in the privacy of your own home. There are no foreign chemicals being introduced into your system. Every chemical that your brain releases while gaming comes from your body directly. You can be addicted to these chemical releases but anything else could also trigger this kind of a response from your body and you could end up getting addicted to things like excercise, sleep, work, etc.

BoneMagnus4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

I'm a licensed therapist - I work with troubled kids and their families.

A behavioral addiction(gambling, sex, video games) does have an effect on brain chemistry, and it can be addictive. Now, the behavior in and of itself is not to blame. It is the emotional/physiological make-up of the individual.

I do think there needs to be an official diagnosis for behavioral addictions for insurance reimbursement - but not one specifically for videogames or any other specific behavior.

Have I seen kids addicted to videogames? Yes. A client showed all the classic signs of a chemical addiction regarding Halo 2 and his online rank. He got rid of his Xbox - his own decision.

Please understand that I'm not saying anything against videogames - I love them and play them daily - after the wife and kids go to bed.
Its just that some people have addictive personalities, or have some emotional problem where the virtual world becomes preferrable to the real world - MMORPG addicts.

The key question is to what extent are your life and relationships negativly affected by a given behavior. If you miss work/school and are losing friends and/or your wife is leaving and you are in financial trouble, then I'd say you have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Nicosia4227d ago

When you only care about the game, instead of the people around you. Gaming is fun but don't get swept up in it.