Castle Crashers announced for the Arcade

Behemoth today announced their new game Castle Crashers during the Comic-Con, a side-scrolling old-school beat'em'up for the XL Arcade. They released a bunch of images and a great trailer, showing some cool stuff.

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FreeMonk5415d ago

That looks pretty sweet! 4 player single player, and I bet there is the addition of 4 player deathmatch.

Won't be bad for say 400 points, but for 800 points my be pushing it due to it probable repetitiveness

silent ninja5415d ago

this arcade feature that ms put is turning better and better all we need is true AAA arcade game and mascot

pandarus5415d ago

this looks like it would be pretty fun. first thought of the old tmnt games when i saw it, except you can apparently switch weapons and use magic/ranged attacks. i'd pay $10 for it if it has decent length, even better if it has multiplayer