Nintendo outstrips Sony in market value

Nintendo Co Ltd zipped past Sony Corp. in market value on Monday and became one of Japan's top 10 issues for the first time ever as it elbowed the PlayStation maker out of its decade-long dominance in the game industry.

Nintendo's Wii has outsold Sony's PlayStation 3 game console by three to one in Japan and by more than two to one in the United States so far this year, according to game magazine publisher Enterbrain and research firm NPD.

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Diselage4134d ago

They said it was going to happen last week and now it finally has, way to get back on top Nintendo. Now the trouble is staying there.

Kaneda4134d ago

Is Nintendo Wii next-gen console?

Diselage4134d ago

Well it's what they released to compete this gen, most of the capabilities are from last gen though. The only really "next-gen" thing about it is the interface.

ShiftyLookingCow4133d ago

Wii 2 will be like Playstation 9 if you know what I mean

MK_Red4133d ago

Is little Wii killing big bad PS3? I hope not. I hope both HD consoles (360 & PS3) show their true power of hardcore gaming.

Armyless4133d ago

I think it's creating it's own.

In other words, you'd buy the Wii and a next-gen console for different reasons... and possibly buy both. The Wii is inexpensive enough that it warrants a look, no matter what console you already own.

Diselage4133d ago

Also i think there are a lot of people that don't care about HD gaming or that don't care about hardcore gaming and are just getting the Wii to having some kind of gaming console but without having the feeling that theres so much machine there that it's being wasted. With the Wii you know your just getting a fun console that has tons of minigames to play for 10 min. when ya get bored or long epics when ya want that. HD is the future but it's still not any day real soon.

unsunghero284133d ago

That's true for some people, but the Wii is still being bought by hardcore gamers. Personally, I am a hardcore PC gamer who wouldn't possibly be worried about having "too much machine" and I bought a Wii exclusively because I feel it's the console that most complements the PC experience.

Even then, I'm psyched for Brawl, Galaxy, Corruption, BWII, Charged, etc.

Diselage4133d ago

@4.2 Granted there is also the demographic that gets the machine because they feel they can get a hardcore experience or a PC experience but some of that group would or will buy the 360 or PS3. My point is that this new non-hardcore group is being attracted to buying a console that normally wouldn't buy so Nintendo is just broadening the market. Again i guess it would be..

M_Prime4133d ago

i bought the wii cause i can afford it and for a lil while i thought it was the GC2 (basically doomed to not be supported by 3rd parties) but thats all changing now and the outlook is good :-)

from what i'm seeing the PS3 is the new GC.. its a powerhouse but no software will hurt it..

lets face it.. if PS3 was 250 i woulda bought that probably.. but its not 250.. so i went for the wii.. for the money it delivers FUN TIME...

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