The Darkness delayed for Euro PS3 until July 20

PS3 Fanboy reports that this week's anticipated title The Darkness is hiding in the shadows for European PS3 owners another month. Turns out the game is being delayed until July 20 for the PS3, the Xbox 360 version will supposedly still release on June 29. This only affects Europe and does not change the June 25 release in the US. There is no word yet as to a reason for the delay.

CyberSentinel6206d ago (Edited 6206d ago )

"Sony (is like your parents they make mistakes, but have to love them anyways,they have your best interests in mind" -Anego Montoya

Blind Euro Lemmings, Keep Waiting, While I'm Playing.


@1.1 beast: Can't put nothing past you Hank McCoy. I was of course referring to tuesday, stupid.

beast6206d ago (Edited 6206d ago )

You are NOT..The game is not out yet.

Well the word "Stupid" you should keep for yourself since " While i'm playing" is a present tense..Your education level is equivalent of your opinion ..which is S***

amerz6206d ago

They're the ones being led blindly from one failed console which was suddenly dropped (Xbox1) to the next.

paul_war6206d ago

In Europe we can keep playing as we can play PS3 import games. I'm not to fussed though, everything is delayed here, for EVERY console.

BitbyDeath6206d ago



So i will continue to remain in denial

Edwin19896206d ago

It says Only Europe

this stinks! why does "The Most Important Region"(Like Phil Harrison said) always comes last??

sfinXters6206d ago

Oh, crap.

Well, at least we've got more time to pre-order...

SuperSaiyan46206d ago

So to get those extra TV shows takes time...


techie6206d ago

AYe I told ya. But you can preorder it from any country and get i within a week. Just go on ebay, amazon...anything.

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Fear Effect coming to PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC in 2025

Limited Run Games, in cooperation with Square Enix, will release action adventure game Fear Effect for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam in 2025, the company announced.

CrimsonWing693h ago(Edited 3h ago)

What!? That is freaking great!!!! I really loved this game back in the day and was so pissed the Remake got changed and then eventually canceled. This is such great news that it’s the original. Will definitely get the plat for it.

Mr Pumblechook2h ago

The article mentions:

* PC
* Nintendo Switch
* PlayStation 4
* PlayStation 5

But why isn’t there a mention of the Xbox Series version?

CrimsonWing691h ago

Yea that’s a Limited Run Games thing like what @Scissorman showed in the article. They’ve tried selling the physical versions of Xsex games, but they just don’t sell. But I’m fairly sure this should be digital for Xbox, if not, then it’s time to drop Xbox and come to greener pastures.


Why Far Cry 3 Was The Best Of The Franchise?

Far Cry 3, an open-world masterpiece that redefined the series. Gameplay and storyline makes it a timeless classic that still inspires today.

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Deeeeznuuuts17h ago

It's gotta be Far Cry 2 for me, the feeling of that game I'm still yet to find again, just everything about it, I'd kill for a remaster, I'd even be happy with just a bump in resolution and frame rate, occasionally go back to it, think I'm gunna have to do just that now 😂

porkChop17h ago

A remaster of Far Cry 2 would be amazing, especially with the mods that fixed the broken stealth system and the dumb checkpoint respawns. Include those fixes and it would be a huge upgrade over the original.

JEECE17h ago

Enemies respawn in Far Cry 2? Terrible! It's a broken system! Make me a one-man army who can inexplicably hold an entire region!

Enemies respawn in Dark Souls and Zelda? Brilliant! So much more hardcore! Glad the devs took risks!

porkChop13h ago

The problem isn't them respawning. It's that they respawned after just 5 minutes. Like you'd still be in the area looking for diamonds, loot, exploring, etc, and the enemies would just respawn with you there.


Goat Simulator 3: Multiverse of Nonsense Preview - GamesHorizon

Goat Simulator 3's first DLC pack is here, and it's the greatest reflection of its team's bonkers approach to game design since the core game released.

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