Xbox 360 owners reporting blank video output issue

At least one user reports seeing the red aspect of the color signal failing to come through, with the image then failing completely. It sounds like most users with the problem are encountering this after a fair degree of time with the console, after no previous problems.

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XxZxX4137d ago

another one bite the dust

Crotin4137d ago

Damn I'd be pissed as hell...he seems like one of those guys that man handles all his systems though. You know the kind that throws controllers into walls, and I feel sorry for the PS3 sitting up there too.

MaximusPrime4137d ago

he revealed PS3 after throwing Xbox 360 into a bin. PERFECT!

Nice to protect PS3 with the cloth.

sony4life4137d ago

but the console abuse. quick call the cops!! lol:)

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toughNAME4137d ago

if we trash the 360 as much as we can...maybe halo will go away?

Blackfrican4137d ago

I heard that 100% of PS3s burn.

On a side note, Maybe it is a problem with the Cables. Don't tell me I didn't read the article because I didn't. To anyone who has this problem, let me also warn you that placing a 360 on or in the proximity of a grill/stove/fireplace MAY cause overheating issues. Another reason not to buy the 360! Also, my 360 did not function correctly from the bottom of my fish tank! This is the biggest piece of junk ever! Did you know Xbox 360 can not operate without an incoming power source? Also, refrain yourself from brining the system to the beach as sand can enter and cause possible problems. I am on my 1st xbox 360 since launch, but assuming mine will break, that will prove that 100% of Xbox 360's break.

Captain Tuttle4137d ago (Edited 4136d ago )

But you can't deny the thing has got problems.

Dareaver14137d ago

He did not express any fanboy idealogy in his comment. He was just being sarcastic about possible reason fanboys are saying why the 360 hasn't worked. He even was sarcastic about the PS3 saying that 100% of them burn. I kinda think that you are the fanboy here. Not him.

ShiftyLookingCow4136d ago

wow, somebody wanted to play with a real shotgun or something. I for one would like to shotgun a lame talking elmo.

Elmo: HaHaHa You are soo funny tigiditigiditigidigoo
Narrator: After a moment of silence
Me: [BAAM.....BAAM....BAAM] You Piece of Fluffy Dung

Captain Tuttle4136d ago

Just not too bright sometimes. My bad.

Sorry Blackfrican.

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Kaneda4137d ago

Maybe becoz of Sony TV...:) not Xbox 360

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The story is too old to be commented.