DirectX 10 support for $59

That money will buy you video card with GeForce 8400 CS by Zotac. Video card was introduced on Computex 2007 and on the shelves since June 9. It comes in few modifications with little fan and completely passive cooling. model with active cooling you can get for $59 and quite version for $69.

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Diselage4134d ago

If i was going to get a DX10 card i would probably go big or not at all. Buying stuff like this doesn't make sense to me usually because you only get what you pay for so i usually try to pay more and not pay again for a while.

The_Firestarter4134d ago

is that I'd rather have a $60 videocard, rather than not having one in my computer at all!

highps34134d ago

and then see if it could even run 3dmark 06...

risk4134d ago

this is probably weaker thena geforce 7600 GT

ShiftyLookingCow4134d ago

8400 is good for HD content playback and Vista's Aero Interface not games

BIadestarX4134d ago

and so it begins... directx 10 cards will continue to drop in price...

gta_cb4133d ago

well all the big shots now, will be well cheap this time next year.

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