Nintendo releases European Quarter 3 lineup

Nintendo has experienced phenomenal success within Europe so far this year. Almost pipping 12 million sales now, the Nintendo DS is the fastest selling console to reach the 10 million mark in European history. With approximately 2 million Wiis sold since its launch in Europe, the Wii looks set to follow in its handheld brother's footsteps. takes a closer look at the European Quarter 3 lineup which looks set to sizzle with a number of highly anticipated titles.

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tonsoffun4228d ago

August for Trauma centre and september for paper mario?

What the fu(k is Nintendo playing at - these games have been available for sometime in other countries.

Here we go again, europe gets screwed by Ninty on the release front.

I can honestl say I am becoming quite jaded by them.

tonsoffun4227d ago

how can someone disagree with ninty's poor release schedule for europe - it is abysmal that we have to wait MONTHS before a game is released here!

WIIIS14228d ago

I just sold my PS3 and bought a Wii. Can't believe I didn't do that earlier. Although the graphics are a bit behind the PS3, this Wii thing is amazingly fun and the games line-up is already quite good. No regrets whatsoever from this purchase.