Kidman is new face of Nintendo

The 40-year-old Australian has been chosen to front Nintendo's advert campaign for its 'brain training' techniques.

She declares herself a fan.

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Legionaire20054228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

I didn't know that Nicole Kidman is a fan for Nintendo. I cannot wait for her new movie Invasion, which has the same name of a cancelled tv series and the same kind of storyline about aliens body snatch humans.

Kokoro4228d ago (Edited 4228d ago )

Nicole Kidman is the classiest and most recongnisable woman ever (Chanel) Great landing there Nintendo, great landing.

ITR4228d ago

Wow, she doesn't look 40!

tethered4228d ago

A lot of red heads in their 40's don't look like they should be in their 40's.

I think it has something to do with the fact that they burn easy so they stay out of the sun most of their adult life.

The sun is a killer I tell you.

tethered4228d ago

I love red heads with pale skin. (Freckles are a huge plus!)
She kinda makes me wanna go out and buy a wii right now.

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