Street Fighter IV for iPhone Revealed

IGN: Street Fighter IV… on the iPhone? Capcom is going for it this March, bringing the acclaimed fighter to Apple's handhelds. But this is no quickie, banged-out port. Capcom has taken months to come up with suitable controls for a platform with no physical buttons, employing a virtual pad and move buttons to recreate the arcade stick right on the touchscreen. After all, without great controls, what's the point?

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LinuxGuru4740d ago

Hell yeah! 63 games and counting (and none of them are any stupid "lite" versions) on my iPod Touch 3rd gen! Bring on the games! GTA Chinatown Wars is already amazing enough...I bet this will top it.

Blaze9294739d ago can't honestly be excited about this. I own an iPhone and there is NO damn way to play a street fighter game on this thing (iPod too). Unless theres some "do all button", just how the hell is this supposed to work?

Baka-akaB4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

sadly out of those 63 games , 45 are probably derivative crap like this street fighter will be .

I dont see how this could be anything else but pretty looking shovelware . (ps and that's coming for an iphone owner) .

i'm sure it will sell , but it will still be crap .

LinuxGuru4739d ago

So how many Street Fighter games have all of you played on the iPhone / iPod Touch?

You sure sound like you know exactly how it will play.

tunaks14739d ago

Capcom doesnt release it on the Wii, but instead they "port" it to the iPhone. After playing TsVSCapsom I really cant understand their decision not to release it. I already have it for the PS3 but this is just silly.

iforgotmylogin4739d ago

it is called Moonehh.

reason #1 for almost every choice thats made in the gaming world today-_-.

Iphone has a better success rate of ppl buying crap on it than the wii.

maniacmayhem4739d ago

release a 6 button, heavy use of a d-pad type game on a touch screen only device?

Hmmmm, what could go wrong??

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The story is too old to be commented.