Star Fox Returns

"It hasn't been fully confirmed but reports and many different happenings have been coming from the lair of Gamewarden, and there seems to be a new Starfox title peeking over the horizon. Please take the time to read the following."

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Danteh3880d ago

I feel sorry for this people, this must have been an incredible effort and Nintendo is just going to crush it in a milion pieces before its even out.... just like what happened with some fan made Zelda

Nintendo is really protective about their franchises

fatstarr3880d ago

I hope they release this before nintendo does just that...

its using their property. if they just renamed somethings tweeked some colors and similar things they could get away with it.

i been following this project and i want to play it.

qface643880d ago

oh this....
well thanks allot for getting my hopes up then smashing em down =[

im gonna go play starfor 64 and listen to slippy now

SilentNegotiator3880d ago

I was just playing Starox 64 yesterday :)

I want a new Star Fox game. DO IT.

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blu_yu_away3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

I fully expect Nintendo to smash this project with a cease and desist order before it is ever released. It'd be unfortunate too since it looks promising.

magicwalnuts3881d ago

That even though those graphics aren't impressive by any means they are still far, far above what the Wii is capable of displaying. As a result this is definitely never going to see the light of day, Nintendo will shut it down, they cant have a better looking mod to sh*t on the next crappy Star Fox game they'll drop on some noob American dev team. I have no reason to believe that Nintendo is capable of releasing a good Star Fox game after the craptacular Star Fox: Assault.

ctrlrz3881d ago

In the article they explain that there's a graphics package that requires a 512MB GFX card. Where they may be able to pull it off (the indie devs) is that it's only the characters they borrow and a little of the story... the game is generated in freespace 2.

zonetrooper53880d ago

I've fixed the story up so you can now all approve it.

skulldrey3880d ago

About that. Was really lame of me to not put further research into it. I was just short on time.

BlackIceJoe3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Wow I saw this and thought it was a new Star Fox game. I would have loved it to have been an official SF game. I think it would be great to see Nintendo to allow this game to be finished. But Seeing as SF is a Nintendo IP the game would just have to be brought out on the Wii instead. I so think this would be a big hit on the Wii if it came out.

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The story is too old to be commented.