Enemy Territory: Quake Wars - day 5 Beta now open

Day 5 of the Enemy territory Beta is now open, please note your PC will need to meet the minimum (undisclosed) spec before you will be allowed onto the Beta.

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DirtyRat4134d ago

my pc doesn't neet the minimum spec :(

Daxx4134d ago

Same with me. :(

I'll just get it when it comes out for the 360.

kamisama4134d ago

I'm DL it right now.

its going to be hard to play considering i can only see out of my right eye on the account of my left eye being swollen shut.

sak5004134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

I'm getting invalid code

Edit: K now waiting in the queue.. Wtf, the waiting time comes down to 10mins and suddenly jumps to 30mins. Found a torrent so d/l it through it since i already hv the key.