A Brief History of Portable Gaming: Know Your Roots

In this 2 part series, Controller Code would like to make a brief trip through the history of portable games. From the Game & Watch to the DS and PSP, gamers have lived with these so-called toys for quite awhile. For some, an entire lifetime …

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Torch4160d ago

Oh, man...I remember how badly I wanted one of those <ahem> high-tech wristwatch video game...would just stare at them through the store display window for hours. Sadly, no one wanted to give me the twenty bucks to buy it. :(

Hey, I don't see a mention of those awesome Bally's/Midway mini-arcade machines: I remember them so vividly: There was Pacman (yellow), Donkey Kong (Blue), Ms. Pacman (baby blue), and Galaga (Green?).

<sigh> Yet another emotional scar from my I wanted one of those arcade machines.

But no.

I got stuck with a generic version of space invaders, because it was 'the same as the other ones.'

And then there was the Green Machine. I mean, I specifically told them: It's gotta be Green Machine OR Big Wheels. Was that so hard to comprehend??? But no. I end up with some knockoff they called the Black Cobra.

Ugh...Gotta go now. This is too...too painful for me. <Sniff>

Diselage4160d ago

You wanted one real bad huh? Way to be old enough to remember them. Really i've never been huge on handheld gaming, i like some games on my cell and i had the sega game gear and that was the only dedicated handheld gaming device i ever had. Nice piece of hardware thats for sure.

Torch4159d ago

Nah, I just always wanted to get my hands on anything 'video game'.

Ironically, although I'm a hardcore gadget guy, I could never, ever get into the cell phone scene...although I can't live without my PDA, which is loaded to the nines with games and applications.

Go figure.