Killzone LEGO

No, this isn't an official deal with Lego, but rather fan made Lego creations. Over at found some cool Killzone inspired Lego creations, including an extremely well done Helghast JetBike.

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Maldread4225d ago

Funny stuff.

Maybe Sony should make a deal with Lego, Lego figures and a Killzone Lego game hehe.

rukusa4225d ago

Would be interesting if they did, however lets first just see how well Killzone 2 handles at E3.

pshizle4225d ago

killzone for the ps3 is going to suck ballzzzz i have seen it!!!

rukusa4225d ago

hahaha you have seen sh*t for all that I know. Get the f*ck out Junior, back to your x360. Or has it 'red ringed' you yet? Stop the desperate fanboy crap, you have obviously seen nothing besides your own bare ass.

Jesus, these threads get trolled quickly.

ShiftyLookingCow4225d ago

flaming donkey ballz. MGS4 is a much safer bet

iceice1234225d ago

Why don't you go play your PS3..Oh wait you have no games!