Xbox Handheld Won't Play Games

With all the rumors flying around lately regarding the mythical Xbox portable, one that seems to take the cake may also make the most sense, depending on the way you look at it.

It started quite a long time ago, with many insiders, and publications, including Xbox Evolved receiving confirmation from inside sources of an Xbox handheld idea being researched by Microsoft. Most recently this year rumors have sprouted that Xbox poster boy J Allard and his team are hard at work on the device, with the news coming from Dean Takashi, industry insider. Later, the Origami project sprouted rumors that Microsoft was indeed created a handheld, only to be revealed as a prototype handheld Pocket PC. Now an even more interesting twist to the myth; the machine when completed, will not play games...

Asuka6206d ago

people need to understand that its not a "xbox" at all. Its a pocket pc :(

OutLaw6205d ago

They are also making sound like. Look at the XBOX logo as a name not a console. So if they made a computer the computer will be under the XBOX name or any other product they make. Example lets say this is a car but my model is a xbox. So if anybody ask me what type of car I have I will say a Xbox. It's weird but I think thats where they're heading with this. So it's not a game handheld.

mikeeno76205d ago

handhelds are nice ideas, but are something i've never really bothered with. I just play on console. Anyway you have nintendo, the leaders of portable gaming, if people really need handhelds, not the PSP trash...

Silver3606205d ago

I was looking forward to a xbox handheld. I already have an MP3 player so I don't know if i would buy this. Just not what I was looking for

ssj046205d ago

lol, look soo ugly... who would want that ugly thing... haha

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