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Myst3706d ago

Look at those scores! :p

GreenRingOfLife3706d ago

FF13 is exclusive to ps3 in japan but its exclusive to 360 in america. well it might as well be because it will sell more on 360 here, which is better for MS because america is a much bigger market than japan

MajesticBeast3706d ago

Yeah i mean cause everyone bought star ocean 4 or lost oddesey face it the 360 crowd are mostly fans of shooters and not jrpgs.

GreenRingOfLife3706d ago

I know but MS is getting exlcusive advertising here in the US with FF13 so that means more ppl will think its 360 only

qface643706d ago

i actually think final fantasy 13 will sell outside of japan on the 360 not because its a good or bad game mainly because the majority of 360 gamers will see and think oh look final fantasy gonna buy it whether they will like it or not i don't really know about that

its the brand name that's going to make it sell
will it sell crazy numbers? i don't really think so
will it sell? i think it will

Dragun6193706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

@ Greenringforlife

I'm guessing your saying that it will sell better on Xbox360 here in the US rather than it would have sold in Japan if they had not gotten the Advertising rights outside of Asia for FFXIII in which would result with Sony not getting FFXIII as a PS3 exclusive in Asia.

But you lost me when you said that more people will see this as an Xbox 360 only. I mean seriously, Since Final Fantasy XIII was announced as a PS3 Exclusive back in E3 2006, your telling me people will believe that Final Fantasy XIII is Xbox 360 only after 4 years of hype? When its been on front covers on Playstation magazines, trailers until E3 2008 claiming that its PS3 exclusive, and thats its been a franchise that well associated with the Playstation brand? You think people will see this as an Only on Xbox360 title?, Huh, I thought by now people would have seen through the MS ads and the so called only on xbox360 label.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3706d ago

It's cool to see MS try so hard with this game but the 360 version wont outsell the PS3 version. I'm sure it will do well on the 360 considering 360 owners buy the hell out of games. This will be the first and only game on the PS3 to outsell a 360 version.

LukaX233706d ago

lol... it's sad they're trying to convince people that these multi platform games are exclusive on the xbox...

i can't wait to hear word on the street about how many discs there are with the 360 version while i'm sitting at home with one disc.

mikeslemonade3706d ago

The commercial is awesome. I love how Leona Lewis just gels with the feminine character of Lightening.

heroprotagonist3706d ago

Yeah the commercial is awesome. It's good to make people aware of the games available on your console.

whoelse3706d ago

Sony are focusing their efforts on God of War 3 instead

Genesis53706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Yes I think Sony is more interested in marketing their own games than 3rd partys.

Oh well that's what happens when you don't have any 1st party studios

PS3 version will still out sell it.

@ cold below
The one they are using right now in NA seems effective. Boom!

No offence taken I'm just here to put my 2 cents in and with all these games coming out lately thats's all i can afford.

Cold 20003706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Sony got a lot of 3rd party studios but are still completely incapable of putting together an efficient marketing plan.

@genesis, sorry I was actually responding to post 7.0
But heres the link anyway

Now have a look at all the praise from the sony fanboys congratulating Sony.
The hypocrisy is pretty unbelievable.

cygnuszero3706d ago

I dont see how there is any chance of this game selling more on the PS3 than the 360 in america. You think about how many millions of more ppl that own PS3s than 360s in Japan, and they are still losing by over 7mil to Microsoft.

You do the math there and you realize the PS3 is failing hard in the US. Many millions of more 360s in homes here.

ozps33706d ago

sony has a share in square enix, so every copy sold on xb360 means money into sonys pocket.

vhero3706d ago

Maybe because the ad was no doubt funded by MS who need it to succeed on 360 if they have any hope of S-E ever releasing FFIV on 360. Plus every man and his dog knows FFXIII is on PS3 aswell.

gaffyh3706d ago

The way I see it is this, people who are FF fans bought a PS3 near launch because they knew FF13 would be coming to it. So all the FF fans already know what console the game is coming out on, MS is now advertising to try and get the rest of the people (more casual/people who don't like FF) to buy it on 360 (most FF fans probably have a PS3, a few probably have 360s).

Saaking3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

SE is really, really stupid. Do they WANT to loose sales? I mean seriously? I just don't understand their VERY flawed logic.

I find it kinda sad that MS has to pour so much money for a MULTIPLAT. Why can't they just do what gamers want and focus on acquiring more first party? ME2 was great and all, but there's nothing more until SCC in April (and that's also multiplat). I really wish MS would just get their own identity. They're trying too hard to be like PlayStation and that will NEVER happen.

Oh, and that trailer sucks. Leona Lewis is ruining FF just like MS already gimped it.

Toenado3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

They are trying to promote their bundle, so i don't see why they would mention the ps3 in their own advertisement.

Bluemaster773706d ago

Dude stop whining if you dont like 360 nor Microsoft just dont mess with any thing related with the company its really not that serious

IdleLeeSiuLung3706d ago

"Yes I think Sony is more interested in marketing their own games than 3rd partys.

Oh well that's what happens when you don't have any 1st party studios

PS3 version will still out sell it. " - genesis0

Oh well, that's what happens when you have a poor relationship with 3rd parties. They jump ship as soon as there is an opportunity!

3706d ago
Genesis53706d ago

Idle in case you forgot Sony still owns a good chunk of Square so any profits made from sales of the 360 version of the game some cash goes into Sony's coffers.

What better relationship with a 3rd party is there?

frankymv3706d ago, it will not sell more on the 360

Red Panda3706d ago

I find it funny that micro$oft spends millions on advertisements. They try to convince the world that there is only one console and they go well out of their way to do that. Yet they are not dominating anybody. They have taken the lead in the states but where else? Its like they spend millions just to keep up with the competition(excluding the wii).

Fox013706d ago

I find it funny that after completely dominating two console gens and after selling more than 150 million consoles previously, they come dead last. They don't even have a lead in Japan, so what else?

See wat i did dur?

execution173706d ago

at least they could of thrown in the japanese song in there, and then it wouldn't have sounded like its geared towards the feminine crowd

Alvadr3706d ago

Im betting this will be on a par with PS3 numbers, 360 owners dont buy JRPGs, look at the history!

Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Star Ocean, The Last Remnant, Infinte Undiscovery... All totally failed big time.

PS3 version sales will own in Europe.. Betcha! PS3 owners have been waiting for this game for far longer.

PS I hate that Leona song sooooo much!

keabrown793706d ago

The reason those RPG failed is because they are just bad RPG's not because they where on Xbox.

Darrius Cole3706d ago

People are talking about "advertising rights" I'm sure that there is no such deal. You don't need permission in order to tell the world to buy someone else's products.

Marketing thrid-party games as though they were their own has been Microsoft's strategy this generation. For FFXIII it will get them more sales than the 360 version would have gotten otherwise. Guess Microsoft believes that there are people who are waiting for FFXIII before they move up to the PS3/360 and Microsoft wants to take away their reason to buy a PS3 over a 360.

Here is my question....

WHAT VERSION DID THE CLIPS IN THAT COMMERCIAL COME FROM? What kind of conversation will we be having if we find out that the 360 commercial actually used shots from the PS3 version?

sikbeta3706d ago

As I said in another article:

FF Fans are Guys That Bought a PSX+PS2 and Played:

·FF11 (on the Fatties PS2)

And obviously Bought/going to Buy a PS3 for:


Is A TRADITION on PS Consoles, That's IT

camachoreloaded88063706d ago

You act like Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles are multiplatinum bestsellers on the PS3. By that logic I could say PS3 users don't play JRPGs too. 95% of the games on the 360 are also on the PS3, so if the 360 library consists primarily of shooters, chances are that goes for the PS3 library as well.

I think FFFXIII will sell well on the 360. You guys have to remember that games like Lost Odyssey and Star Ocean are nowhere near FF in terms of popularity.

Megaton3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

The moneybag trinity is complete. Only shown at Microsoft conferences, only advertised for 360, only bundled with 360. Let the illusions of exclusivity commence.

Expect the same for Metal Gear Rising.

Blaze9293706d ago

It's a commercial featuring the 360 bundle...why would they advertise the sp3 version with it? This is a Microsoft commercial, not a Square Enix commercial. Square's commercials will probably come later on and likely feature both systems whereas Microsoft will also be marketing the game.

Sony does the same thing:

Is Sony trying to trick people that it's a PS3 exclusive with that ending? No, of course not. But it's always Microsoft's fault huh.

lightningsax3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

What happens when a multiplatform title is being advertised for one system is that the system's company is sponsoring that advertisement. Advertisement broadcasting is expensive, so Microsoft enters a deal with Square - put our logo at the end of your commercial, and we'll give you money to put that commercial out there.

In a way, it's buying permission to put your company's stamp on the commercial in order to sell both the game for that platform and the system itself.

There are no "rights" issues here, and you're right about that. Ownership of one company by another or whatever isn't happening in this deal. However, the same thing that drives exclusivity or the lead platform is the same thing that you use to buy gas for your car. Money drives everything, and Microsoft is throwing it out there on this one.

@Blaze - "Is Sony trying to trick people that it's a PS3 exclusive with that ending? No, of course not. But it's always Microsoft's fault huh."

Yes, Sony and Microsoft are tricking people into exclusivity-thoughts. It works. Kids eat it up. We don't, because we're older and... well, at least some of us are wiser.

Anorexorcist3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

"FF13 is exclusive to ps3 in japan but its exclusive to 360 in america. well it might as well be because it will sell more on 360 here, which is better for MS because america is a much bigger market than japan"

The argument of whether the US gaming market is bigger than the Japanese market overall can be debated, but there is no damn question that Japan is THE BIGGEST MARKET for Final Fantasy. Compare sales volume of every FF entry @ since Final Fantasy 3 and you'll see how the odds of FFXIII selling more in the U.S. than Japan are nearly 100-to-1

On topic: It doesn't surprise me one bit that FFXIII commercials are only mentioning Xbox 360. Microsoft really has no better tactic overall to try to maintain their lead in the worldwide market. They are on their knees hoping and praying that casual gamers will see those commercials of FFXIII and the bundle and will instinctively go out and purchase it.

Final Fantasy has always been a hardcore IP though. I don't think anyone who actually knows Final Fantasy will be tricked into thinking FFXIII is 360-exclusive by these commercials.

zoks3103706d ago

Here are some pics of the same event,
As you can see the PS3 was used to demo the game while Microsoft aired their new bundle.

JokesOnYou3706d ago

Sonfanboys are mad because micro advertised a bundle for their console.

FF is associate with the PS brand, if micro doesn't tell the world then some potential customers might never know it available on 360, so my question is why wouldn't they advertise FF on 360?

I guess sony should be the only one allowed to advertise a 3rd party multiplatform game, right?


40cal3706d ago

This is simple. Microsoft payed to run this promotional spot. Good for them, they want this game to sell well on there console, Final Fantasy has been one of the biggest selling IPs for the past 13 years or so. Hell yeah I want a piece of that pie also.

This is one of those differences between Sony and Microsoft, and also a huge reason Microsoft shut down most of there first party studios, this frees up tons of cash to market 3rd party games, at the same time making your 3rd party developers and publishers happy. Sony on the other hand spends tons of cash on 1st and 2nd party game and tech development and much smaller amounts on 3rd party marketing support.


Personally I am a fan 1st party support as it has always been the biggest driving force (as in progression) in this industry, goes for every one, from Sony to Microsoft even to Sega and Nintendo. No body knows the manufactures console like?..... you guessed it,the manufacture.

GameGambits3706d ago

Gotta say that commercial in all sucks balls. Good idea for Sony to stay away from advertising their name on it if that's the quality of commercial Msoft has planned for this game.

It'd be a miracle if FF13 sold even close to the same #'s on 360 as it will on PS3.

ThanatosDMC3705d ago

English theme song is terrible!



The english one just doesnt sound right with the music and everything else.

Christopher3705d ago

With the money MS threw at SE for bringing it to the 360, you better f'n believe they want everyone in the US to buy it for the 360 over the PS3. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if print ads would only show the 360 and XBLA logos on them.

We're talking more than the 50 million that Microsoft paid for time exclusive GTA content here, people.

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PhoenixDevil3706d ago

kinda shame that MS has beaten sony to the punch, maybe they have the advitising rights or whatever, wasnt all that long back when it was a PS3 exclusive seems weird to now b advatised like it was a 360 exclusive

oh well im geting it for my PS3 wen it comes out

Bilbo653706d ago

Well they have no good first party studios, they have to make it seem like they have games

Dragun6193706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I'm guessin Sony got FFXIII as a PS3 exclusive in Asia in exchange that MS gets advertising rights and bundle exclusive outside of Asia. MS is probably trying to get a piece of sales for FFXIII even though it will sell the most on PS3 considering that its already 2 million ahead in japan.

People already know Final Fantasy XIII is on PS3, if anything, this commercial will only remind people that its finally releasing after 4-5 years of Development as what was supposedly a PS3 exclusive that supposedly uses 100% power of the PS3, that they can finally get it on PS3, but thats of course if thats many are still interested in it. At the time i Bought a 40gb PS3, I originally bought it because FFXIII was a PS3 exclusive (which I feel that many PS3 owners did too), so its day one for me.

Black Maverick3706d ago

Don't have a problem with Microsoft having the first commercial, it just wasn't a very good commercial. That Leona Lewis song just doesn't fit like the original Jpaanese song and the scenes they showed during the ad were going to fast to be able to tell what's really going on. (Probably has more to do with youtube)

It just didn't feel epic at all which is what a Final Fantasy ad should feel like. Hope SE will come out with some better ads later on.

vhero3706d ago

Its not about who gets advertising rights. It's no doubt about MS being allowed to advertise a game on their own system. No doubt the ad was funded by MS and S-E said "free advertising for our game? Why not?" it was win-win for S-E who will probably fund a PS3 ad if they feel like it. Unless MS signed an exclusive ad deal. It REAKS of desperation on MS part though. How desperate are MS getting now they have to advertise a previous PS exclusive for their console nearly a month before release?

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snake-OO3706d ago

Final Fantasy has lost its touch ever since Sakaguchi left square enix.
Final Fantasy XII didn't even feel like a Final Fantasy game. Don't get me wrong it was a decent game but didn't have no feelings of a Final Fantasy game. Not once did i use a summon monster through Final Fantasy X11, and since when do you have a Final Fantasy game and not use a summon monster. From what i have seen Final Fantasy XIII will be pretty much have the same gameplay as Final Fantasy XII.

catch3706d ago

I disagree that the gameplay looks the same as FFXII.

This one looks far more action oriented while XII had a sit back and watch feel to it.

snake-OO3706d ago

Its upto square to decide how they advertise the game and since microsoft have the bundle as guess they get most rights, most probably because they are funding the advertisement.

snake-OO3706d ago

what would be funny , if they were using the playstation 3 version of the game in the trailer. who knows they probably did like the screenshots

Dev8 ing3706d ago

That is all probably ps3 footage. If Square is too embarrassed by the 360 version to release still shots then the moving footage must be pretty bad as well.

Auron3706d ago

I saw the LB button in the footage. so think whatever.