OXCGN Gets 4 Hours Hands On With Metro 2033


"Well I'm certainly looking forward to this – THQ have invited some select media representatives for a "Behind Closed Doors" hands-on at Microsoft's special Games Media PR Gaming Room at Nth Ryde in Sydney on the 25th February.

To say I'm excited would be an understatement, as I'm finding this game to be one of 2010's best RPG style First Person Shooters.

It's a game that has been hidden from gamers for way too long, and sadly has not had the press it deserves. Which is a concern for me."

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BadCircuit3657d ago

The video and screenshots look great so I might be tempted to get this game.

toaster3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The visuals blow my mind. This game just gets better and better every time something is announced. I agree that this game isn't getting near the publicity that it should as it is looking to be up there with Crysis visual fidelity. The animations are slick and lighting is incredible. Hopefully the story will draw me in as well.

Upgrading my PC soon too so it will be future-proof. Can't wait for this game to grace my PC.

XboxOZ3603657d ago

You are right mate.

Each time we've had the chance to see this, it has been a huge improvement over the previous build. The same applies to the likes of Red Dead: Redemption, yet another excellent game NOT getting the coverage or publicity it deserves.

When you compare the first Alpha videos with the latest, there is a huge difference, and having seen it first hand, I can say that many gamers, come release time late April, will be pleasantly surprised with what will be offered to them.

Even ardent PC gamers from the other media sites are praising the 360 version they get to play, which can only be seen as a good thing, showing that a developer CAN in fact do the same with a console game, that he can with a PC game, with the exception of course of greater visuals and sound etc etc that can and is obtained from any PC game counterpart.

That's just a given, but not everyone has the $$ to keep their PC up to scratch, nor wants to, so console games offer them the chance to play great games as well.

starchild3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

This game really surprised me. It was completely off my radar and then Bam! out of nowhere it shows up looking incredible.

I'm really looking forward to OXCGN's preview. What a great site you have.

XboxOZ3603657d ago

Thanks mate, we've been at this for 3.5 yrs now, and everyone is a volunteer, no one gets any form or pay whatsoever, and almost all work their normal 9-5 jobs, have families or are in full time study . . .

But we are gamers first an foremost. And we want other gamers to find out about the little bits and pieces we do, so we share it as best we can.

Not everyone can be an IGN (shivvers, Rubert Murdoch owns that and it's a billion dollar conglomorate for heavens sake, with only one major thing in their line of sight, higher and bigger revenue week after wee, month after month.

If some so-called gamers dedicated at least 10 hrs per day 7 days a week to something like this, then we'd have more 'honest' gaming sites around the world. But what we do is condemn the smaller indie sites for even bothering to attempt to do their best.

So thanks mate, everyone of us appreciates your comments, which only make us try that little bit harder with every article, review and news story we put up.

gamer20103657d ago

Yeah it is a good site. I bookmarked it and I am going to start going to it more often. The writing is good and I really like their attitude and approach. Metro 2033 is an amazing looking game that I am excited to find out more about.

Bnet3433657d ago

Impressive. Nice post. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your articles.

Bigpappy3657d ago

Likes like M$ is helping developers to please the graphic whores. I was going to buy this game because it seemed to be the russian take on fallout3. I was curious and wanted to play it. It doesn't hurt that they made it look even better though. I just hope that the gameplay received as much attention.

BWS19823657d ago

but you guys should touch up whatever happened to the top of this picture when it was cropped/edited/photoshopped for press (the black areas up top appear as if layers weren't deleted or something, hard to say, but I've worked in art the field).


I'm excited for this game, I really like the premise. Good site otherwise (just trying to help)

BWS19823657d ago

I gave some friendly advice and mentioned how much I enjoyed everything else, and now have 3 disagrees? I sure hope it's not the people running the site with that mentality. As I said, I was just trying to help, and I civilly pointed out an issue with just one image. You guys are something else.

NinjaAssassin3657d ago

probably not. if you look at some of the posts above you they got disagrees for saying the game looks good, so you probably got disagrees for the same reason. i gave you an agree because i too think metro 2033 looks really cool.

Active Reload3657d ago

The 360 is strong in 2010 and March is going to be a busy month.

mastiffchild3657d ago

The shooting seems to be vastly better than FO3 and the RPG type elements way more staisfying than B'lands and I only wish the book was gonna be ready as soon as the game as it's supposed to be incredibly well written and people were a little incredulous back in Russia when they annnounced this was being made into a video game! Anyway, I'm very interested in both and hopefully this will fill the gap that was left in my gaming by FO3 not being the game I'd expected and wanted it to be as a fan of the original.

Metro33 looks to have the best elements of games as diverse as Resi, Borderlands, COD4 and L4D! I'm sold on this being the best story driven shooter/RPG this year even edgng out ME2 in some regards even if that game swings more to the WRPG side of things(and is excellent, don't get me wrong). It's also looking better each time we see something new and lets hope it gets a little more press attention from now on.

And another well done to OXCGN proving, again, that single platform sites need not be fanboy drivel. Seriously, you guys and mags like OPMUK this gen have shown that both big and small single platform sites/mags can be great publications-good stuff indeed.

HammockGames3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Pre-ordered on Steam with a free copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

Can't say I mind waiting a few more weeks for release (3/16/10).

I still have to play through the rest of Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2 before then. Heavy Rain and Battlefield BC2 are coming out before then, too. And frickin' GoW III releases the same day!

Too many games, not enough time (or cash)! The moral dilemma... what's a gamer - and his wallet - to do?!

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XboxOZ3603657d ago

The game will be awesome. . . so we're really looking forward to getting 4 whole hours with this one come the 25th Feb.

Immortal Kaim3657d ago

looking forward to the info coming out of this event

RocknRolla3657d ago

Sorry can someone tell me why this article is even news?

I think I should start up a blog just so I can post a 500 word article to notify people that in 3 weeks time I shall be given the opportunity to get hands on time with 5 ply toilet paper when released..

Not even the big sites like IGN, Gamespot, Kotaku, PalGN post articles to notify the readers they are going to an event. This article comes off as really selfish and just tooting your horn and riding on that high horse too much..

Plus only like 1 person from each site or what not even attend these kind of events so technically the poster of this article is the only one going have no clue why it's being made out to be like the whole team or half are even going...

*Big thumbs down*

we won3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

It's going to be shown sooner or later. I know you don't want that(for obvious reasons) so chill. You can pretend your fav console still has the visual trophy if you like.

The dev said once the screenshots are released they will look doctored based on the advanced engine causing disbelief, the dude was right.


LOL XboxOZ360 thinks RocknRolla's comment was about heads up articles, RocknRolla made that comment because it's Metro 2033. Do you think RocknRolla would be commenting/complaining in Wii or PS3 heads up articles?. I completely agree with the rest of XboxOZ360's comment though.

RocknRolla3657d ago

Huh? I'm asking why this is even considered news and why the writer feels the need to notify people that he will be attending a special behind closed doors event to a 4 hour hands on with Metro 2033...

Who cares I certainly son't I just want to read information about the game not get told that this guy will be going to it at a special place be specially driven there and what not.

Do you see IGN posting articles just so people know that they will be attending a special event just to play a game no.. They only post articles about after they have played it or if it is a massive event that they will have live coverage, and a portal hub with all the videos, screenshot and what not.

Again big thumbs down for this small blog tooting it's horn and basically laughing at everyones face because 1 person is going to a behind closed doors event wooooo!

XboxOZ3603657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

It also supplies the latest video in Russian, and the latest screens, and there are more than one person per site allowed by invitation to attend these events by the way. We often get 2 - 3 or even 4 team members invited to such events. It allows the different sites a chance to supply a diverse range of experiences on the games.

Many sites let their readers know what IS COMING and WHEN to expect it . . . we know this because other sites have done similar things to make their readers aware. Such as New Screens coming from Halo Reach, Such and Such attending E3, what to expect etc etc etc ..

No one is tooting their horn, but simply making those readers that wish to know, that there will be more coming, and that there is some new video available if they have not seen it yet, which not everyone has.

By your standards, no site should put up anything until after the event happens, if that's the case, how might we find out an event is happening, what an event might supply, who may be attending an event, and what the reader might expect to obtain from said site/s after the event.

Of course it's news worthy . . .

Additionally, for a small indie site to be allowed into such events means that gamers get to hear and see what a game is 'really' like, as many of the major site make huge $$ from those publishers, and often do not give reports on how poor a game might be . . .

Whereas if a site gets no financial reward for attending or for commenting, they have very little to loose from giving an honest appraisal of the game, whatever the game might be.

THQ were not really happy with our hands-on with MotoGP 09/10, but they still invited us to this, and other events that are coming up.

While you might not want to know of what is happening, many other gamers do....

XboxOZ3603657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Ahhh, with you now, dohh ,hits head on desk.

Gamers like to know what to expect, we all hear about what will be coming, what we may well expect, and then what it was like . . . that's the difference between upcoming news, and late breaking news - as it happens' - if that makes sense.

Plus yes, it IS nice to be told by the likes of THQ, UBI, R* etc that the site you are creating is well worth the inclusion in such events alongside the likes of IGN, GameSpot, Edge, AustGamer etc. It shows that these publishers appreciate the smaller, hard slogging site that really represents the 'real gamer' and tries to help wherever possible.

Due to that fact, many other smaller Aust sites are now being invited to these events . . providing the publishers with even broader coverage, and the gamer the chance to hear about the games from different perspectives, rather than from a multi-billion dollar company where a site is only yet another revenue avenue.

RocknRolla3657d ago

This is not even an event.. Just a behind closed doors thing as you state for some sites to play the game early that's it!..

It;s not even an event the size of E3, or TGS, or X10 or E-Games Expo in Melbourne.

It's just a sit down play the game so that you get an idea of what it is about come review time you don't waste to long playing it..

It's just a small local hands on time not even an event.

And that's great keep it yo yourself. But the fact you made a whole article just to tell people that you will be going to this hands on for the site and love how you get invited to these things is tooting your own horn plain and simple.

I will wait for IGN to post their article up notifying everyone that they will be attending this small hands on event.. as well as Gamespot, Kotaku, and any other relevant site big or small..

If you can supply me with even 2 other sites that have posted an article saying they are attending this then I'll back down..

But until then for me im interested in the game not that you'r attending and happy you get invited.

TheBand1t3657d ago

Actually we won, if you read his comments you'd realize he is NOT a PS3 fanboy. (Like you seem to be implying here.)

Don't mind we won. He's probably THE most delusional fanboy on this site.

beans3657d ago

I think it's great this guy is getting some possible play time (happy for you) with Metro. The game hasn't received any hype so why not try a few things to help get the name out there. The gameplay is my biggest concern so hopefully his little feedback will give us an idea of what to expect.

starchild3657d ago

Well, no matter what console is his favorite, he's acting like an idiot. I find this news useful and I enjoyed the screenshots and video. When we see articles from random bloggers about how they thought God of War 3 is going to smash every other game in graphics how in the world can somebody complain about this article? This article is a hundred times more useful than a lot of the stuff we get on N4G.

JokesOnYou3657d ago

lol, you haven't commented until this thread for over a year, still I'm sure you know that this site is over-loaded with tons of blog sites that write the worst unfounded garabage on the net, much of it lacks any credible journalistic standards and yet you pick this news which contrary to what you think is a very decent attempt to highlight what looks like potentially a great game that isn't getting much attention and all you can do is stand on your soap box and rant about him "tooting his horn", pfft pa, pa, please just stop the BS, there's alot worst stuff that you could rant on your soap box about before you come here with your petty concern. I'm just wondering what alternate account you've been using for so long?

You sound like the kind of guy who calls the cops if you could "barely" hear your neighbors music during his birthday party....take a wild guess why he didn't invite you. lol


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LeonSKennedy4Life3657d ago

Why is everyone excited for this game?

GrathiusXR3657d ago

Metro 2033.. is basically a more linear, graphically superior, less buggy and glitchy, very story driven experience compared to S.T.A.L.K.E.R..

Which is my all time favourite PC game despite the glitches and bugs. The atmosphere was superb!!

Metro 2033 will be to THA in 2010 what Red Faction: Guerrilla was in 2009.. A perfect game that comes out after the big boys in the beginning of the year and before the end of the year.

Get great reviews because it's a unique game that's fun and good and no other competition to really put the limelight off of it!

I cannot wait.. Having watched trailers and played the game for myself i'ts going to be awesome!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3657d ago

Only the people who get to play it are :)

XboxOZ3603657d ago

The game needs every bit of attention being drawn to it, as it could end up like many other games that without major 1st Party publishers behind it, falls through the cracks and disappears into gaminghell . . the bargain-bin.

Games like this, Red Dead: Redemption etc (to name just two) are not getting the public exposure they need, and not for lack of trying on the publisher part either, as both are pouring large sums into the promotion and publicisation of these games.

But they get lost in the Halo Reach, BiShocks, Mass Effects of the gaming world. Not that those games do not deserve it, they certainly do. But there's an element of gamer these days that believe any game not being pushed to the level that say those other 3 mentioned are, then the games are 'probably crap" - which is completely wrong.

There are things mentioned in the article that haven't been mentioned before, simply as a taste of what to expect, and to build some interest in what could be one of the top 10 or even 5 games of 2010.

Here's a challenge to anyone. Head off and create a gaming site (80% of gaming site are blogs btw), fill it with over 4000 pages, and have over 3000 unique visitors a day and do so without any form of support or income, then you'll also be getting your readers as much information as you can . . . because if you made it that far, then you'd be doing it for the right reasons, that is of course, supplying your fellow gamers with information that they may not be able to obtain elsewhere, or, with a personal slant that they might not be able to find elsewhere.

Are we not all gamers who enjoy the past time we love and ideally have fun with, or are we all narrow minded individuals that do not really want to spread the word about that past time . . . I think, and hope, we are the former, although of late, I'm tending to believe we may well be more of the later.

Which is a sad thing really. No one forces anyone to read a particular article or post, but there are hundreds and thousands that might just enjoy reading them, no matter what they might contain.

beans3657d ago

The game is very pretty and really gives me the sense of total immersion. It's like a movie FPS unlike anything I've ever played. For whatever reason it reminds me of a scary GEOW FPS with much deeper story. Sure it might not be for everyone but if the gameplay is great I'm sold.

LeonSKennedy4Life3657d ago

I'm getting a 360 for Alan Wake.

I'm in NO WAY excited for this game.

There's a great premise here, but it looks extremely generic.

I'm calling it the Tony Hawk: Ride of 2010.

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