Thinking Out Loud: Metal Gear Rising- Not a Solid Title

PS3Center: I'm sure most of you have been wondering about this topic-that is, if you ever stopped throwing a fit after the 360 announcement. Why is the next Metal Gear still titled "Solid" when it has absolutely nothing to do with the Solid franchise (Solid Snake)? With that in mind, I want to explore some questions regarding the game, have an opinion, and see what you all think about it.

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life doomer3661d ago

I think we all know that the game is going to be gimped. Speaking of metalgearrising, where has he been lately.

Hellsvacancy3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Hes probably off playin Metal Gear Solid 4 or dreamin about playin it

Rikitatsu3661d ago

...Has nothing to do with Solid Snake, Solid is just there to express how the game moved to 3D , this is said by Kojima.

Batzi3661d ago

^^^ that is true. SOLID stands for 3D and has nothing to do with the protagonist. Article fails.

pimpmaster3661d ago

isnt the game called metal gear rising? not metal gear solid rising. either way , i think the game isnt going to be that good either, i want stealth dammit! not another lame ninja gaiden clone.

Hakimy3661d ago

don't know why Rikitatsu got disagrees when what he said is true ;)

"Kojima retitled the game Metal Gear Solid, choosing this over the working title Metal Gear 3. This was due to the fact that he believed that the first two MSX2 games in the series were not very well known.He used the word 'Solid' which was chosen due to the game being the third installment in the series, and because it uses 3D computer graphics.Sequels to this game also use the Metal Gear Solid title, and follow a new numeral progression."

MurderMyDoll3661d ago

I love how many badmouth the game when we've only got one teaser image. The fact it's multiplatform and Kojima isn't as involved with the development doesn't make it a bad game grow up.

captain-obvious3661d ago

"Metal Gear Rising- Not a Solid Title"

hey im captain obvious in here OK ??

vhero3661d ago

It's not even a Solid title anyways so the whole title is god damn pointless its just Metal Gear Rising.

king1233661d ago

you guys make it sound like there is no other developer in the world other than kojima
you make it sound like a non kojima game is just another average game even if konami and kojima studio are not involved

madjedi3661d ago

@1.6 The multiplatform part isn't the problem, it's the fact that kojima is not involved, and treated rising like it had the black plague, and wasn't even the slightest bit proud of it, is a big problem for alot of mgs fans.

And since kojima isn't involved, i would be really surprised if it didn't suck, but it is supposed to be a spin off action game i believe.

As for going back to ps3 only games i wouldn't be surprised if we see zoe 3, before another mgs sequel.

Eamon3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

yeah, that's automatically call claim the game will be gimped even though no gameplay footage has been released. The game is being made by Kojima Productions. That's all you need to know for the game to turn out good.

Seriously, you guys are more sad than old grumpy men who ignorantly criticise and insult anything they see in front of them. Except if it's ps3 exclusive of course.

Get a life.

Edit: Just to further prove how stupid you fanboys are, the SOLID is just a move to 3D. And if it really had anything to do with the protagonist, then MGS3 wouldn't make sense since he is Naked Snake not Solid Snake.
I wonder if any of you fanboys have even played any MGS games. Geez.

STREET x KING3661d ago

Why is almost no one giving this game a chance? I for one will wait until i see the game in action before deciding anything.

Saaking3660d ago

It should be Metal Gear Rising NOT Metal Gear Solid Rising. There is NO Snake in the game so I don't know why put Solid in the title. It's obviously a cheap cash-in to take advantage of very naive 360 gamers.

sikbeta3660d ago

@life doomer

I think the problem here is not whether Rising will be gimped or not, The Real Problem is that Rising is NOT a REAL METAL GEAR SOLID GAME

Metal Gear Solid Games = Tactical Espionage Action

WTF is Lighting Bolt Action?

Batzi3660d ago

Man Kojima confirmed that it is still a "stealth" game and that Rising is taking the franchise to a new level with new gameplay mechanics, new AI etc... maybe it's for the better??? who knows. In any case if I were you, I'd wait for E3 and find out what exactly Rising is all about. For now, everything we are saying are pure speculations and none of what we said is true or has been confirmed. Let's wait for E3 and judge later. For now, all we know is that Raiden will be back in a cyborg form. We know he is the main character. We still do not know if it is a sequel or a prequel to MGS4. Kojima DID confirm that Rising will take place during the timeline of the CANON Metal Gear franchise and did confirm on DAY 1 that Rising will be a stealth game. Moreover, those with the concerns of the game quality since it's going multiplatform, Kojima Productions staff said in a report that they are aiming to make Rising as big as MGS4 and even better. Other than this piece of information we have no idea what the gameplay or story would be like. One last thing, I'd recommend all of you to stay tuned for the 1st of April this year because you can bet anything you want that Kojima would be showing something. Remember the past April's fool joke trailer? well they all turned out to be true. Stay tuned.

PimpHandHappy3660d ago

he is still posting daily
he just has other accounts that have more then one bubble

mastiffchild3660d ago

Hell. The problem most people who played the whole series have with Rising is that they don't know just how it will work as a MG game. Noone with any sense is saying it will plain suck just cos Koj has comparatively little to o with it or they'd never play anything other than MG ever now would they?

90% of those who consider themselves fans of the recent series also bought PS3 for MGS4 as MGS fans are pretty loyal and wanted to play the next, final installment of Solid Snake's story s there's a thought that if the game WAS too similar to what's gone before there may not be a great market for it on the 360. We all saw how a great number of 360 fans reacted to MGS4 to illustrate this too:"it's just an interactive movie" Fer christsakes!Not that those people are necessarily the norm on 360 but I'd wager Konami feel they have to alter the series a good bit to appeal to 360 only gamers AND existing PS3 based MG fans and the result is we cannot be sure how closely Rising will resemble it's forebears-isn't that a fair worry?

Lightning Bolt Action seems a pretty far vcry from what we're used to and though many of us are concerned about Rsing that concern doesn't centre on whether it'll be a good game at all but rather will it be a good MG game. If you love a series you don't necessarily want wholesale changes(though MGS fans are quite used to Koj changing quite a bit anyay!)and definitely would worry, whatever series they loved(Halo to Mario to GOW)should the core gameplay be under threat of change. they might not think it has to be a bad game, per se, BUT will think it might not be what they expect and are used to in the history of their series.

Chances are Rising will be a good gamew, no reason it shouldn't be, but whether it works as well for old series fans or new ones remains to be seen and chances are the action will have been upped considerably hence the change to LBA to cater for the 360 userbase and also those on PS3 who find MGS a little too stealth orientated. At least that's what I think as long as Konami consider that most MGS fans already bought a PS3. As a direct result many see Rising as an attempt on a more action flavoured , mainstream appeal kind of game which, again, pays inot fans worries over where Rsing sits in relation to the likes of Snake Eater and Guns of...

Personally, I'm pretty keen to play both Rising and PW this year(assuming Rising makes it out in 2010)and though I'm pretty sure what I'll get with PW(in general)Rising remains a mystery but one that I'm not assuming will be THAT much like it's ancestors nd because of this I doubt every MGS fan is going to be very pleased with it even if more gamers, in total, find it up their street. I could be wrong and it could end up being stealthy as anything ansd blow all us old fans away but even if it doesn't I'm still prepared to judge it on it's own merits as just another game with as much chance of being good or bad as the next one.

I think a lot of people are mistaking those worried about not getting another true MGS with people hating on Rising for little reason. If it's a good, even great, game it will find it's own legions of fans anyway even if they don't overlap greatly with thoe already into MGS-that's all. It isn't very controversial at all, imo, and is understandable that long time fans worry about a series they love but their worries are just being misread as them hating on rising without seeing anything-seriously, most fans are just wondering how it shapes up AS A MGS game which is very different to saying it'll be "crap cos Koj isn't working on it" isn't it?

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NovusTerminus3661d ago

Kojima said last year when it was shown we would not see anything more until this years E3.

WinterWolf3661d ago

I hear so many people saying that the Metal Gear Solid franchise is coming to the 360. And I keep wanting to correct them because it is NOT true.

The truth is, we don't really know what kind of game MG Rising will be. I am sure it will be awesome knowing Konami. But it sure will not be a Metal Gear Solid game.

Hellsvacancy3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Would b so funny if it turnt out 2-b a Metal Gear golf game, completly the opposite of wot people r expectin

Foxgod3661d ago

Metal Gear didnt start with the solid series, so calling the whole series the metal gear solid series is awkward.

Besides, Metal gear started on a Microsoft platform (MSX2).
And metal gear has been on more platforms then any other game in existence.

Bigboss193661d ago

MSX was made by Sony and 2 other 3rd party companies not Microsoft

BWS19823661d ago

I would think something like Mario, Zelda or Sonic has appeared on more platforms. Metal Gear has been on fewer platforms than Mario has shown up on, though I'm not saying you're worth it to count and prove you wrong, I'm going off the top of my head here. NES, Gameboy, SNES, Gameboy Color, N64, Gameboy Advance, Virtual Boy, Gamecube, DS, Wii and if I'm not mistaken, he's even been in educational PC games. Metal Gear's been on something like 8 or so platforms I'm guessing.

Just sayin'...

PirateThom3661d ago

Metal Gear

PlayStation 2
PlayStation 3
GameBoy Color
Mobile Phones


GameBoy Advance
Virtual Boy

BWS19823661d ago

Mario only has it beat by one in that list, so it goes...huh. Although I was right, I wasn't nearly as right as I thought.

PirateThom3661d ago

If you include Donkey Kong as a Mario title, you can add Arcades, Game and Watch, ColecoVision, Intellivision, Atari 2600, Apple II, Atari 7800, Commodore 64, Commodore VIC-20, Famicom Disk System, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC.

I'd also say Tetris has been on more platforms than any other game.

sikbeta3660d ago


Bring me back bad memories

MG for NES was [email protected]!!! and here's Why:

Foxgod3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

*Slaps forehead*

MSX and MSX2 are from Microsoft, Microsoft Japan to be more precise, Sony created some of the hardware yes, but IBM created the ps3 and the 360 hardware together with some other company's, does that make the 360 and ps3 IBM platforms?

And Pirate Thom forgot a bunch of platforms.

Also include:
Family system (Nes predecessor Japan only, worked with floppy's).
Iphone/Ipod touch
Arcade (metal gear arcade)

So even if theres is one or two titles on the planet (tetris and perhaps pacman) that where on more platforms then metal gear, then all my points are still valid.
Theres been 10's of thousands of games, and metal gear is in the top 3 that graced platforms.

Bigboss193660d ago

Sony made the MSX with panasonic and they USED Microsoft software Microsoft did not make MSX

Foxgod3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Again *slaps forehead*

MSX and MSX2 are owned by MICROSOFT JAPAN!
MS JAPAN is a part of MICROSOFT!

SONY produced the hardware for MS, why dont you read the text in the links you posted:

Here is what it says in the first link you gave:

The MSX standard

The MSX home computer is a standard developed by Microsoft Japan and was produced from 1983 as MSX 1 and ended production with the last active company, Panasonic. developing the turboR GT model.

The MSX standard was developed by the Japanese department of Microsoft (later ASCII) in Japan and manufacturers could build machines with the MSX logo under license if the standard was followed. This way a large market was developed for software and peripherals for MSX and many companies competed with hardware.
THe MSX 1 standard computer has a Z80 at 3.58 MHz, a TI 9918/28 Video Display Processor, a AY-3-8910 sound IC and a 8255 PPI interface IC for keyboard, memory mangemetn and joysticks, 16K to 64K dynamic RAM and 16K videoRAM . Quite standard components at that time, so it was a low cost machine.

*epic forehead slap*
You understand now that the MSX is a Microsoft platform?
Sony and Panasonic where third party.

And in the second link you give it states that MS owned almost all iterations of the MSX (MS their copyright).
While Panasonic owned the last one, the turbo version, which never came off the ground.

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Devil MAY KILL3661d ago

Well, Kojima has hinted that he will be making more games for the PS3. In fact, Konami has announced that there are a couple of games being developed exclusively for the PS3.

Shadow Man3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

So? We have the Metal Gear Solid name added to the list of stolen exclusives! The list is completed! Now I can move on and play this years xbox360 exclusives Fable III,Alan Wake,Mass Effect2, Crack Down2, Splinter Cell Conviction,Halo Reach,Metro 2033,Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing,Dream Chronicles,Dead Rising: Case Zero,Dead Island,Deadly Premonition,Demons of Mercy,Huxley: The Dystopia,MechWarrior,Supreme Commander 2, and The Secret World.

EvilBlackCat3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Well, Kojima has hinted that he will be making more games for the PS3... & blah blah blah.


What makes you think that they need to know this so "necessary" and "important" information you are sharing with them... KID?

PS3 gamers are bashing a Metal Gear Solid Game just because is on Xbox360

YUP! It only does everything

Convert "gamers" into "haters" > <(THE MOST BOOKMARKED Video Games related web article)