Top Ten Sexually Awkward Video Game Moments 4

Stephen Kelley of VGchartz writes: "Back by popular demand! You wanted more of these, so I was able to pull together ten more. For first time readers the premise is simple for this series. These are moments in videogames that make you feel uncomfortable, especially if someone happens to walk in on you at that moment in the game. Imagine playing a game and a crude sex scene suddenly pops up on the screen. Imagine if you will that you are in a room next to your parent's room, and don't want to alert them to this scene's presence. That's what these are all about, and they are in no particular order."

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Sonyslave33658d ago

I want conker 3 c"mon son.

EvilBlackCat3658d ago

YUP RARE give us another Conker!!!

TheBand1t3658d ago

Can love blossom on the Battlefield?

xabmol3658d ago

Love IS a battlefield.