Crysis to go Head to Head with Halo 3 in September?

Crysis to be released within Halo 3's Launch window?

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CyberSentinel4231d ago

2 weeks pre-launch isn't head to head IMO. If your really feeling froggy EA, then take a leap, and launch it on 9-25-07.

Even then it won't affect halo 3 sales, since it would not be released on the 360 platform.

JsonHenry4231d ago

Even though they are not directly competing with each other, I would chose Crysis over Halo 3 any day.

Crysis > Halo 3

Bi11 Gates4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

But HALO is a proven franchise, and the HALO3 mp beta was very solid. If I had to choose blindly I would have to go with HALO3 just based on what I've seen and played.
I'm also pretty stoked about the possibility of 4 player online co-op for the HALO 3 campaign.

But, let's not forget, I am a retarded piece of sh*t that spouts off nonsense time and time again. Someone please smack me around like the dirty little wh*re that I am.

DrPirate4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

No one outside the X-box community really cares for Halo though. Even more so that the PC ports are ass.

If my PC could've ran Crysis, I'd choose a new IP anyday.

ShiftyLookingCow4231d ago

personally I will be getting them both on launch day. There isnt any reason to choose one over the another

marinelife94230d ago

If EA gets the word out to enough people in advertising they really have something to show off. Crysis makes H3 look like a Wii title. And if they start showing some Crysis trailers in primetime TV events they will sell a lot of games.

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Bloodmask4231d ago

will be a technical masterpiece. But nothing can stand in the way of the machine that is Halo 3.

All other releases in September will be overshadowed by Halo 3. It will be a launch of epic proportions. Covered by video game media as well as the local news.

neogeo4231d ago

I belive killzone will blow Halo3 out of the water.

zantetsuken4231d ago

People forget that PC gaming has a much larger userbase then Xbox. Even if everyone buys a copy of halo, that's no more than 12 million copies. PC gaming stands has over 150 million gamers. Crysis sales will demoslish it. It'll be like when Half-Life was released for PC.

deepio4230d ago

Out of a 150 Million PC Gamers, how many do you think have PCs that can handle crysis???

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candystop4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

If I had to choose between the two it would be Halo3 without any hesitation! Halo's just got a kick azz story that shouldn't be missed!

Crazyglues4231d ago

For one halo 3 is a monster and no game can stand in it's path and make a dent in it's sales, with 5 million already ordered in pre-order Halo 3 will be yet again be another defining moment in gaming. Which will put 360 on the map like no other game before it.

But Crysis a true beast in it's own right, will not even be in a fight with Halo 3 simply because it's on PC, and since you will not be able to get Halo 3 on PC at launch, Crysis has nothing to worry about.

People who are going to buy crysis are not saying let me get halo 3 instead or vice verser because those people are on a PC. And if you have both a high end PC, and a 360 you most likely get both games for their respectable systems.

They in no way compete against each other. Not Really. Crysis looks amazing and so does Halo 3 and whatever you where planning on buying is what you still will buy.

One game does not make you chose the other game over the other because if your gaming on the PC then you want Crysis if your gaming on 360 then you must have Halo 3, and if your on both then you get both. Period.

It's just not a real war until Halo 3 hits the PC market but by then the war will already be over before it ever began, because both games will have already sold huge numbers by then.

ShiftyLookingCow4231d ago

great post. totally agreed. When Halo 3 hits PC, the battle will be long over. Even the slogan "Finish the Fight" will be like an insult. I hope it doesnt come to PC at all, just waste of time and money.

murt19874231d ago

The two games are on two different platforms and possibly 2 weeks in the difference too. Silly article really ;)

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