Nintendo Characters Suck Because Master Chief Can Beat Them All Up

Destructoid: That's right, you heard it here first. But now you want proof. Well luckily for you, your pal Nebones is here to help. Using my awesome magic powers, and super videogame skills, I took Master Chief out of the Xbox 360, and threw him into a game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Now all you need to do is believe what you see.

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Bungie3662d ago

Master Chief is obviously the most badass character ever

but Mario is so cute

BubbleSystemSuck3662d ago

and your picture is hot.

But Chuck Norris is tha bad badass

RememberThe3573662d ago

Kratos is without a doubt the biggest badass of all time.

mrv3213662d ago

Victor Sullivan could destroy Master Chief, even if Master Chief has the govenant and flood on his side.

Victor Sullivan smokes, has a shotgun and NEVER DIES.

Seriously Master Chief is some guy in a suite thus not really that cool his armour is cool but as a person he's a wimp. Victor Sullivan just OWNS.

Master Chief is basically Robo Cop with super jump. Victor Sullivan is basically Captain John Price.

Bungie3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

who's Kratos?

oh yeah ,he's the cool guy that kills monsters and stuff .

Saaking3662d ago

MasterChief has ZERO personality and is probably one of the worst protagonists in video games. I don't understand why people call him a [email protected]? Destructoid, as always, fails.

Xwow20083661d ago

Most Americans ppl (10-20) don,t care about personality they just care that the hero has a gun To kill ppl or aliens and thats for them is [email protected]

we won3661d ago

WTF was that pink round thing? LOL It got a hole in its head LOWL. Japanese :)

Sub4Dis3661d ago

while i do agree that master chief is a badass, this is the most poorly written and unfunny article i've read in a while (and on n4g...that's saying something). how did this get approved?

XXXCouture3661d ago

he aint the strongest, fastest or best... hes just lucky, cortana even says that

pimpmaster3661d ago

whos the most badass video game character? big boss by a mile.

honestly, ive played all 5 halo games and master chief isnt a badass, his voice sounds so dumb. he has no personality, hes kinda like gordon from HL. these are really just mute characters although master chief does talk.

you know what actually captn price is pretty badass too.

Black Maverick3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Link > Master Chief
Samus > Master Chief
Captain Falcon > Master Chief
Snake > Master Chief

and even though he's not a nintendo character:

Kratos > Master Chief

mastiffchild3661d ago

Seriously, is this what passes for an article at D'toid these days? Some guy deciding that him messing about with his mods is so important/interesting/riveting that he must share it with the world?

The nxt time I make a UT3 mod with my mates should I put a Link or Samus character in there and show the world them killing stuff? I could put MS AND Kratos on the other team getting b1tch slapped nbut it wouldn't prove anything OR be entertaining, funny or worth a second of anyone's valuable time and nor is this load of bollox.

Honestly, we have to put up with Sterling writing reviews and features which are more to do with him furthering his self image than actually imparting any info about gaming and now we have to read and watch this guys hobby? Fair enough, it's a slow week or something but did we need to share this? I know it isn't like there's a plethora of brilliance elsewhere but stuff like this passing as articles or even news is just not cricket, imo. Ho, frikkin, hum.

Danteh3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

this was so bad that it was hilarious xDDDD.

On anothr note, Captain Falcon (especially with the pink suit) is God/Chuck Norris in videogames

eagle213661d ago

Donkey Kong would toss master creep like a rag doll. :)

Gen0ne3661d ago

Samus. Nothing more needs to be said.

sikbeta3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

"Iz da better character eva....." lol

This 2 Are da Best:

Eamon3661d ago

lol at all of you nerdy little kids fighting over who's hero is the greatest.

And we all wonder why gamers are stereotyped as people living sad lives.

PoSTedUP3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

*erases comment*

nah for real though duke nukem tops anyone with a gun as most badass. i saw it on the back of a snapple cap.

ico923661d ago

link weilds the master sword the most powerful sword in existance, and master cheif has the needler the weak pistol that looks like a super soaker hmmm i think we all know who will win

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ipwnall3662d ago

That M$ Characters suck because Kratos can beat them all up?

AngryTypingGuy3661d ago

Of all the arguments I've seen on this website, this HAS to be the most childish and pointless. "My fictional character can beat up your fictional character".

Noble Spartan3661d ago

Easily the greatest hero in gaming, even though I respect nintendos characters they are truely iconic as Master Chief.

Master Chief will defeat any PS3 characters also..wait they don't even have a mascot. HAHA

Only failed attempts with sackboy.

AngryTypingGuy3661d ago

Crash Bandicoot used to be the mascot. I think the closest thing they have to a mascot is Solid Snake, even though he doesn't really look like a mascot. Do they really want a mascot named Sack Boy?

morganfell3662d ago

Before I even clicked on this article I was able to guess which moron site was in such desperate need of hits.

Karooo3661d ago

haha Masterchief has no face, Gordon Freeman cant talk.

snaaaaaaaaaaakeeee ftw !!

MajesticBeast3661d ago

Ganondorf and captain falcon>master chief. Nobody beats falcon punch.

Redempteur3661d ago

if my memory from smash bros is right i think donkey punch is slower and does less damage ( falcon punch does critics damage )

A Cupcake for Gabe3661d ago

Samus has more powerful legs than chun-li....she'll kick your ass across the damn screen

sikbeta3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )


Ganondorf PUNCH > Falcon PUNCH > Donkey PUNCH > Kirby Punch Bwahahahaha....

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