Yamauchi Hits Out At Gran Turismo Competitors

CC: Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has hit out at driving games released since Gran Turismo 4 in 2004, saying that the 'low level of quality really shines through'.

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Raf1k13666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

He's a pretty picky guy isn't he?

I woulnd't mind seeing Forza's level of vehicle customisation in GT5 TBH.

mjolliffe3666d ago

I think anyone can play Forza 3 for more than an hour at the time. Its brilliant.

I don't see that any of the racing simulators released recently (Forza 3, Need for Speed: Shift etc.) have low quality. After all, they sold brilliantly.

PirateThom3666d ago

Quality and sales don't go hand in hand.

Shift definitely wasn't quality, the thing was pretty broken from what I played.

Raf1k13666d ago

True that. Sales aren't exactly representative of quality just popularity.

II-Reaper-II3666d ago

When this guys speaks you listen and u agree and thats it.A true master of his domain.A perfectionist in every sense.

pixelsword3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago ) wasn't quoting from Eurogamer.

At any rate, can anyone get the direct link to work? It's probably a url thing, but when I paste the link, I can't get the original page to come up:

sikbeta3666d ago

"Quality and sales don't go hand in hand"

Gran Turismo Franchise Is The Exception of The RULE

GT5: The Perfect Driving Simulator

Gamers FTW!!!

SaberEdge3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

But deh sony developerz neva talks bad abowt duh compitition!

Yeah right.

green3666d ago

Blimey games,simbian studios, codemasters and slightly mad studios do to deserve such an insult?.

van-essa3666d ago

as far as you work for Sony that is.

Fox013666d ago

Someone seems to like the smell of his own fart.

3666d ago
3666d ago
DaTruth3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

He's working on a game five years in the making; These guys are chucking out games every year!

When you pay $60 for GT5, it's gonna feel better than when you do it for those other games! There's so much more for $60 there.

raztad3666d ago

"Actually I find it difficult to play the other games in more than five minutes at a time. The game's low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can not hold them out!"

Thats the quote from Yamauchi when asked whether he may implement features from different games in future Gran Turismo games.

Take that as you want, but guy has high standards and is just saying what he thinks about already released games. Douche? perhaps.

IrishAssa3666d ago

They sorta deserve it, the jap devs never talk sh*t bout western devs, western ones would rather be bumrap*d than be seen taking notes from competitors , Forza 3 was quality, even though it won't be as good as GT5 it would be the best if Gt didn't exist. Shift was not a simulator.

leila013666d ago

Seeing how long it's taking him to release GT5, it better be perfect.

TheHater3666d ago

"Kazunori Yamauchi: The last is actually exactly what we do. We skeleton not to other games while we develop Gran Turismo - it is solely based on what we want to achieve with the game. In fact, I find it hard to play the other games in more than five minutes at a time. Previews low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can not keep them out!"

I am not an English major, but these part "We skeleton not to other games while we develop Gran Turismo", "play the other games in more than five minutes at a time" and "Previews low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can not keep them out." I can tell was badly translate.

shane0253666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

All he said was that other racers are crap compared to Gran Turismo 4 and that they've brought nothing to the table since.

It's not like he said GT5 "is the definitive racer", that would have been REALLY dramatic.


MiloGarret3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I speak danish.

The translation overall is kind of shifty, yeah, but the part in which he acts like a douche is pretty accurate.

He's asked wheather or not GT is developed "in a form of vacuum, where competitors are ignored". He responds that they develop games without glancing at other games, the end product is based solely on their own goals and vision (which is retarded, and obviously a lie, any dev saying this is clearly lying).

Then: "Actually I find it difficult to play the other games more than five minutes at a time. The low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can't stand them!"

Guess he got tired of the Turn 10 devs, good for him. Remember, I translated from danish to english, not japanese to english. Some danish dude did that, and danes can't be trusted. va?

Racing sims suck ass btw, I don't care about this little battle, bye.

TheHater3666d ago

Thanks. When he said "Actually I find it difficult to play the other games more than five minutes at a time. The low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can't stand them!"
Couldn't he be referring to the games he play personally? those games doesn't necessary mean racing games, but games in general. For all we know, the game he might be referring to is Dynasty Warriors or something.

Solidus187-SCMilk3666d ago

Really? Why is it that they are adding damage to their cars then. Surly thats one feature that the competitors have that they want in their game too.

Im sure GT 5 will be great but I wish hed just get it done already and let us decide.

Also I found it interesting considering they went and not only playued forza 3 at E3 but "TOOK NOTES" on it.



TheBand1t3666d ago

Yamauchi, please. Don't do a Turn 10. :/

MiloGarret3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

No, he makes a point of directing himself towards GT's competitors, which I can only assume are racing games. Makes sense, no? makes a big a deal of this, it's a focal point in the article.

Far more interesting for those of you who are interested in all things GT, is that he says that there will be a major update to GT5 Prologue before GT5 proper is finished in the same article.

"Kazunori Yamauchi: Der vil komme yderligere en større opdatering til Gran Turismo 5 Prologue før det fulde spil er færdigudviklet."

LiquifiedArt3666d ago

I don't think he said it like that, and if so, this article is doing a great injustice and using the spin-machine to generate nonsense.

SilentNegotiator3666d ago

After all the pushing "Just Turned 10" did, you didn't expect a push back?

Chubear3666d ago

Uhm, looks like loads of comments are being made just from reading the misleading and highly sensational headline instead of reading the actual article.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

..what do you expect the competition to say, if true? This is just PR everyone has their own direction on how to come about it, but it's just business.

Then again I'm not surprised that people are upset, it is a Sony developer; otherwise people wouldn't have cared. It's well known that western developers have that mentality, what makes it different used against them? Microsoft has Ninja Blade people think it's cool, Sony has Heavy Rain people say it isn't a game. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

bnaked3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

He's not a douche, and do you know why? Because he knows, that GT5 is in another league. Damn i know Yamauchi, and if this man says, that other games are crap in comparsion to GT5, you just must believe him!. HE already knows, that his game is much better. Otherwise he would never say such things..

So for me as a GT fan: really good news! :-)

soxfan20053666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Both Turn 10 & PD have bad-mouthed the competition. Now, it's time to put their money where their mouth is.

Turn 10 backed up it's arrogance with Forza 3, the highest rated driving sim since 2001. Millions of driving sim enthusiasts and hundreds of reviewers & journalists would disagree that Forza is "low quality".

Let's see what PD can do when GT finally comes out. If PD considers a 92 rating to be "low" quality, they better average at least a 98 for GT5 to back up their trash talk.

bnaked3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

GT5 will blow the competition away.. Without a doupt, Yamauch is a f*cking perfectionist, and he will release an extremely polished game, with unbelievable features. You will see...

jmd7493666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

them there is fighting words... i like that, Yamauchi says it as it is. he has confidence in his product.

morkendo3666d ago

Yamauchi Hits Out At Gran Turismo Competitors

??? like who? forza?? NFS? haaaaa yeah fking right. GT5 dont have competition

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Megaton3666d ago

Tisk tisk. Don't sink to Turd 10's level.

green3666d ago

He just sank lower.Nothing Turn 10 said was this disrespectful.

mastiffchild3666d ago

We don't know how low he's sunk, to be honest as that quote could be in ANY context and the translation of it doesn't really make much sense either.

If we see the full interview and it turns out he does mean EVERY single game released in the genre since the last GT then, yeah, it's a really bad statement but as he's been complimentary about Forza in the past I'm tempted not to think there's very much in this one.

For instancce, he could have been asked " What about the way the need for Speed games went so badly downhill" and then the rest of the question. If he was meaning every single racing game then he's out of line just as badly as Greenawalt but still not as low as T10 as a whole seeing as they're more than one person and there was a concerted policy of rubbish statements and poll rigging from them!

Still, just as I won't buy Forza3 until I see T10 and Greenawalt grow some humility I won't be keen on getting GT5 if it turns out Yam is being badly arrogant-whether T10 lit the first match is irrelevant as bad behaviour is bad behaviour and gamers don't need poor examples to act like tools these days. However, I very much doubt he'd say something quite so sweeping and/or disparaging and need to hear the interview, read a good transcript or find a full, good quality english translation as one quote with nothing to anchor it to is a typical, almost cliched, journalistic tool for making peple look however the publication wants.Surely, had they a full Yamauchi interview, also,m they'd have made certain we saw a little more than one semi sensical quote, wouldn't they?

Also, it would be very out of character from what I've ever seen or read about the guy too.

green3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

"Eurogamer: when you look back at the games that have appeared since the GT4 – with Forza Motorsport as the highest title – see you so things you want to deploy in the GT series? Features which have brought the genre a step forward? Or developer in Gran Turismo in a form of vacuum, where in ignores its competitors?

Kazunori Yamauchi: the last is actually exactly what we do. We skeleton not to other games while we develop Gran Turismo– it is based solely on what we want to achieve with the game. Actually I find it difficult to play the other games in more than five minutes at a time. The game's low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can not hold them out! " http://www.microsofttransla...

the guy was asked a simple question.After GT4 is there any feature in other competitors racing games that he likes and would want to impliment and he flatout calls all of the s*it.

IMO there is nothing wrong with taking jabs at the opposition but flatout degrading rival products to that level of calling the games unplayable ( a game you can't play for more than 5 mins is basically unplayable) then that is plane stupid.

mjolliffe3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

The links there, and if its not perfect translation, you can pretty much tell what they ask him:

'With games released after Gran Turismo 4, are there any features you want to implement/deploy in the Gran Turismo series'

Its a pretty bad statement, no matter which way you look really. But, he is a great developer, and as long as he can maintain the current standard of previous GT games, I'll be happy.

Hakimy3666d ago

payback time,Yamauchi-san? ;)

Marceles3666d ago

I remember Kojima saying something and then hearing later what his translation was and saying he was mistranslated. I doubt he said it in a Turn 10-like tone.

morganfell3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Turn 10 had it coming and frankly I am glad he didn't stand there and take it. Turn 10 stunk the place up thinking boastful insulting claims could double for talent. Contrary to the belief of some you don't sink to their level by calling them out.

Where were all these people that have an issue with his remarks when Turn 10 were running their mouths? Oh, I see, it was a 360 game. Don't even bother to deny it. I don't. The shoe is on the other foot now and he has it across the neck of Turn 10. Get ready because his entire team is on his back to help apply the pressure.

Besides, it's like Dennis Miller said way before 2001,

"Some say that if we do that it's a heinous thing and we sink to their level and they win. Well they may win but it's nice to know their guys won't be showing up at the trophy ceremony."

Consoldtobots3666d ago

confuscious say "he who open ass first can't complain about smell"

SaberEdge3666d ago

I agree, Green. What Yamauchi said was much worse than what Turn 10 said, but the Sony fanboys will never admit that.

SaberEdge3666d ago

"Some say that if we do that it's a heinous thing and we sink to their level and they win. Well they may win but it's nice to know their guys won't be showing up at the trophy ceremony."

Your quote doesn't even apply here. This isn't a war where people die.

It's not like if Polyphony Digital call all the other racing games crap that all of their sales will disappear and all the people enjoying those games will suddenly stop playing and the developers of those games will die in a brilliant flash of light and be gone forever. Your quote was silly.

I don't care about what Yamauchi said, I'm just pointing out that it is worse than what Turn 10 said and that Sony developers do talk sh!t about the competition.

morganfell3666d ago

It doesn't apply because he just stomped on some people you like. People that had it coming. I hope he isn't through. In fact, I hope he makes more such comments but to the nth power. It obviously drives people like you mad.

And the quote applies. It isn't just applicable to war but to any situation where one must make a choice of using the same tactics as the opposition. if you can't see that then your view is more narrow than even I thought. Here, have a tissue.

bnaked3666d ago

Ok, i can understand you, but Yamauchi is a perfecionist!!! And Forza 3 is NOT a quality game! I really can understand him, he just know, how great his game is, and which quality it has. The other racing games have no quality (~in comparsion to GT5~), thats just right! And he is the only one, who is allowed to say such things, because he knows, that his game is above the compition..

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edwineverready3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

He was probably quoted wrongly. They are a very classy developer.

PhilipLarkin3666d ago

Aww. From the title, I wanted a link to a fight...

keysy4203666d ago

turn 10 you can't say nothing

Consoldtobots3666d ago

lol the xbot in the gamer zone acting butthurt wouldn't know hipocrisy if it red ringed on him.

Wrathman3666d ago

its ok when a sony dev bad mouths the competition is it?

are'nt you a hypocritical bunch.

meh.there is better on the pc anyway(quote from the droid handbook of poor excuses)

Consoldtobots3666d ago

I don't think you kids get it, when the competition (turn 10 lol) runs their mouth nonstop about Polyphony (who never uttered one word in their direction and quite frankly are known as some of the most professional developers around) it's a bit delusional to then complain when that same developer you already talked bad about in the first place does it back to you. Then again that's pretty much the story of this whole generation isn't it? 360 fanboys went on such a tear trashing and badmouthing the PS3 ever since it launched that it's downright comical to see some of those same fanboys now scream bloody murder when things don't go their way.

just saying.

CWMR3666d ago

-More lies coming from your keyboard. You act like the poor innocent PS3 was attacked by 360 fans while PS3 fans sat there like little innocent angels. Well it's a big lie. Go read any of the early threads on this site from around the time the 360 and PS3 came out and you will see the 360 got just as much hate from the PS3 fans as the other way around.

Also, I am not complaining about what Yamauchi said. I couldn't care less. What we 360 fans are saying is that you PS3 fans are a bunch of hypocrites. You whine and cry when somebody says their 360 game is the best, but when a PS3 developer says the competition is crap you guys act like it is perfectly normal and sensible that he should say that. Or you make excuses and say that it is ok this time because another developer said their game was better before. When in reality we know you guys would all be cheering this guy on even if nobody had said anything previously.-

stonecold13666d ago

is the most powerful advanced console on the market and the bots dont like it 360 tapped ages ago and 360 has been defeated in the graphics department and gt5 will put the nail in the coffin 360 nice knowing you this gen belongs to sony and ninetdo bye bye 360 your days are outnumbered on god opf war will put 360 in the coffin alot sooner than you think gt5 would never been done on the 360 thats a fact end of statment

EvilBlackCat3666d ago

"Actually I find it difficult to play the other games in more than five minutes at a time. The game's low level of quality really shines through in the other games and I can not hold them out!"

Well you heard the kid

i don't blame him he is just mad that he now have to release the game this fall accompanied by GoW3 and others 2008-2009 fake release promised games to fight the PS3 enemy before he REACH out success.

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