DVD sales eroding thanks to HD DVD / Blu-ray emergence

You could probably see this one coming a mile or two away, but analysts are now suggesting that 2007 DVD sales will be "flat compared to the year prior, at best," and it's (mostly) due to HD DVD and Blu-ray. It was also noted that the less than spectacular DVD sales could also be attributed to the saturation of DVD hardware in American homes, insinuating that far fewer families are dashing out to snap up new titles for their shiny new players. More interesting, however, was the realization that consumers are jumping ship from vanilla DVDs to high-definition films far slower than the VHS-to-DVD transition, but it's not like having two similar formats to choose from is really helping the general public to decide. Still, it's not surprising to see DVD sales begin to slide as it reaches maturity in the market.....

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Bloodmask4135d ago

HDDVD and Bluray make up about 2% of the DVD market. 98% of consumers are speaking with their wallet and buying good old dvd-9.

The format war beween VHS and DVD took over a decade. This new war will share a similar longevity.

And it will all be to no avail bc when all is said and done Digital Download will have taken over.

Realness4135d ago

I guess they mean HD & Blu-ray are now at 3% and DVD has slipped to 97%. It's gonna take years for DVD to be gone.

sack4135d ago

Why would you want to pay for download when your pc give you that for free baby:P i dont think digital download would work in the future: because why would anyone pay for the same price of something and get less??? you have to think that when you download something you only get the movies with no extra stuff coming with it. the only way digital download would work is if it's dirt cheap like renting a movies and we all know the movies people wont make that happen!!!!

TotalEklypz4135d ago

With isohunt and torrents and highspeed internet available in more places, everyone is downloading them and burning them thierselfs. With HD movies, it takes to long to DL them and the media you have to burn them with is not easy to get ahold of. So people must purchase them, especially us high tech junkies.

nix4135d ago

what was that again?

not so soon...

Torch4135d ago

A bit of an overly-optimistic word at this early point in time, isn't it?

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The story is too old to be commented.