"Not enough good games on PlayStation Network" In an interview with 9lives, Henri Heikkinen, CEO of Pixolane, said that there are not enough good games available on PlayStation Netwok. That's the reason why Pixolane brings their game Rust Bucanneers exclusively on PSN.

"We believe there are not as many good games as there are users on PSN, so we wanted to do our share, by releasing Rust Buccaneers for the platform. I think the Finnish developers have always had a better technical insight than other countries, don't ask me why"

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mrv3213657d ago

Flower says otherwise infact... check PSN right now... you'll find quality titles everywhere.

FanOfGaming3657d ago

There are plenty of other games that say otherwise I don't really feel like going through the list but if we must...

Fat Princess

There are a lot more than that

What is that guy talking about

swiftshot933657d ago

WipEout HD is the best game on the PSN!

RememberThe3573657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Read past the title people. They not saying that there are no good games on the PSN, just not enough in proportion to the userbase. If they want to make great games on put them on the PSN, more power to'em.

TheTwelve3656d ago

Not enough good games on the PSN network???

Alright I understand people have different tastes but I would hate to know what his tastes are if he can't find anything. I'm a PSN nut and can't buy enough of them.

Slow news day?


sikbeta3656d ago

Don't GIVE A F/CK!!!!!


Chubear3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )


I really want to see what this game's about. Hopefully we have another Q games on our hands :)

LukaX233656d ago

Fanboys try so hard to make the PS3 look bad they go to foreign gaming sites and submit it as news using Google Translator. Now that's what I call having NO LIFE.

The worst part is, the moron "contributors" on N4G actually APPROVE it. Great job, mods! Anything to earn you traffic, eh?

GVON3656d ago

I'm happy with the selection,but you guys didn't lis Noby Noby Boy :(

My most wanted PSN game is Under Siege.

Comes with crazy feature list
- Native 1080p (not upscaled )
- Replay recording with option to upload to YouTube
- Motion Controller support
- Splitscreen for Co-Op and Competitive
- 4 players online
- Video and voice chat in game and on lobby (with tiny windows on the corner!)
- Photo Mode (WipEout we envy you?)
- Custom Soundtracks
- Create your own level (single player, multiplayer) or a full campaign with your story
- Use the same tools that we used to make the Single Player Campaign
- Upload it all for everyone to see (and make us sweat with the all the wrong possibilities that a tool like this provides)

Saaking3656d ago

Not enough good games on the 360.

Redempteur3656d ago

well there are so few good game


Anorexorcist3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

This guy must not be talking about the same PSN that we all know.

This PS3 disparity B.S. is really getting pretty damn pathetic. I think it's because PSN doesn't have Ms. Pac Man, that is why PSN isn't good enough.

Forget original content like Flower and Fat Princess, Sony should probably just provide some Xbox arcade clone and then maybe cynicists like the author will be appeased...I wouldn't wager on it, though.

ThanatosDMC3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

PS3 teh DOOMZ!

I say Warhawk was the best PSN game they released. I wonder if he even has access to the PSN Store... is he looking at that green thing?

jjohan353656d ago

I actually don't like the vast majority of PSN games. I'd rather not spend $15 per game and skip 4 of them in order to purchase a $60 PS3 exclusive. There are about 10 games on the PSN that I actually enjoy. Other than that, I'd rather use the money for Uncharted and Killzone games.

NewZealander3656d ago

i own both the ps3 and 360, and while yes the ps3 has a few games worth owning, the 360 still has far more classic games to offer, some of the best games like the dreamcast version of soul caliber,or N64 banjo kazooie 1 & 2 and soon perfect dark, psn still doesn't even have sonic or streets of rage...

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ipwnall3657d ago

I laughed so hard. You mean games like Flower, Fat Princess, The Last Guy, SSHD (best downloadable game ever) and Wipeout HD and hundreds more, "are not good enough"?

Oh man, thanks for the laughs.

Trebius3656d ago

I downloaded so many that i had to get rid of some to make room for more games, I'm still on a 60g fatty unfortunately.

Fulensenca3657d ago

PixelJunk Racer
PixelJunk Monster
PixelJunk Eden
PixelJunk Shooter
Everyday Shooter
Super Stardust HD
Burn Zombie Burn!
The Last Guy
Dark Mist
Linger In Shadows
Critter Crunch
Tori Emaki
Savage Moon

"Not enough good games on PlayStation Network"


mrv3213657d ago

He probably meant not enough shovelware mediocore games burying the quality games.

TheHater3656d ago

What about WipeOut HD

All the Playstation 1 classic also

MiloGarret3656d ago

How can you write that long list of games, including some really crappy ones, and not mention Wipeout HD?!

WTF man, W T F... Not cool.

WinterWolf3656d ago

There are over 100 PSOne Classics and Dozens of PS3/PSP Minis on PSN

BBAM3656d ago

compared to live there isn't much content, and yet I have more downloaded games on my PS3 than my xbox...
the reason for that is almost every game released on PSN is a top quality game.
i wont bother re-listing them, but bottom line is that the dude in the article is either an idiot, or jealous that he can't produce top quality content on PSN to match what's there.

Fulensenca3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I didn' t mention Wipeout HD Fury because someone already did before me :P I also think this game is the best too ( I got it also on Blu-Ray Disc :D )

And I didn' t mention Siren, Burnout, Socom and Warhawk because they are also available on disc ( I got all of them but Socom ).

I just wanted to list great exclusive PSN games not mentioned before ;)

Edit: I liked Noby-Noby Boy as well!

Edit2: @ Milo Garret: really crappy ones?? Which ones?

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xaviertooth3657d ago

tell the guy that US has a new president and its not 2006 anymore.