360 Version of Trine Probably Scrapped

The Xbox 360 version of the highly praised, physics-based platformer, Trine, probably won't be seeing the light of day. The news comes straight from developer, Frozenbyte's official forums.

Trine dev, Joel Kinnunen wrote:

"It's out of our hands but most likely will not happen. Sorry. (We probably won't comment on this any further.)"

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GVON3662d ago

Does arcade still have a file size limit? I just checked and the ps3 version is only 371mb,not sure if thats the reason,but it's not as if thats a big file.

green3662d ago

shadow complex is over 800mb and the watch men is over 1gig.

GVON3662d ago

Cheers mate.Shame then as it's a decent game.

baker_boi3662d ago

Since it was originally only announced for PS3 and PC in the first place. Those two versions were probably the main focus before the publisher picked it up and claimed they were going to release it on the 360 but we see that didn't happen.

So it was going to be this way from the start. There never was a 360 version.

ThanatosDMC3662d ago

Oh well, it's not that awesome anyway. 360 only gamers arent missing much or anything at all. If they really want it, they can buy it on Steam for $5 last time i saw the price. The game got boring fast.

Anon19743662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I thought this game was a blast. I wonder why no 360 version? You'd think they'd want to get it out to as many people as possible. "It's out of our hands." Peculiar.

kingdavid3661d ago

Its a decent game but its most definitely no braid.

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edwineverready3662d ago

I kind off liked it. should i get it? advice please.

mrv3213662d ago

It's on sale I think, if there's any time it's now.

jalen2473662d ago

Its an excellent game that is currently on sale for half off. Buy now!!!

Hellsvacancy3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I bought and loved it, i woz 1 trophy away from platin it (complete the last level on Very Hard with-out dyin, its a pain) but my PS3 died 2-day (as i keep sayin) and its just occurred 2-me that ive lost my game save 4-it

Thats a double :-(

But yeah, its a FAB little game, its even better if its cheaper, i think i paid goin on 15quid 4-it when it came out, id highly recommend it

edwineverready3662d ago

don't forget to deactivate your ps3 before sending it in for repair or buying a new one.

Hellsvacancy3662d ago

Im in the process of fixin it myself (just need a couple more tools)

I didnt actually think about deactivtatin, ive shared my account details with 4-other people, hmmmm, hope i can fix it, otherwise im screwed, nah my best mate will deactivate my account on is system (unlucky him if he doesnt)

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Fulensenca3662d ago

Very good graphics and physics, fresh ideas and a lot of fun.

Galvanise3662d ago

Its a shame more people won't get to play it. I wonder why the issue is out of the developers hands.

jakethemuss3662d ago

Game was to intense for the 360 :P

multipayer3662d ago

Their engine must have really sucked if they couldn't port it to 360 for a quick cash grab, and it is not even 1080p on PS3... Not optimized.

andron3662d ago

I'm guessing there were problems relating to MS, and that's why they won't comment any further...

Bnet3433662d ago

You forgot the "superior PC version"

siyrobbo3662d ago

its on pc, so not exclusive

3662d ago
3662d ago
IaMs123661d ago

Haha funny since its just PS3 and PC its exclusive but 360 and PC its not? Wow... If i had to guess about anything, if its on PC, it would most likely be ported to the 360 in most cases. This is one of those games.

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