In pictures: the sexiest cosplay girls in the galaxy

A gigantic gallery of cosplay beauties, for your viewing pleasure.

GamePro: "Journalistic integrity is a funny old thing. On the one hand, we strive to produce articles with substance and integrity: our motto is to inform and enlighten, as well as entertain. But on the other hand, our readers like to look at hot babes dressed up in video game and manga outfits. Who are we to deny them, eh? If bringing joy to thousands of sweaty-palmed gamers is wrong, we don't want to be right."

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bigboss7773707d ago

cant argue with that O///O

FACTUAL evidence3706d ago

My heat just dropped when i saw the bewbs on that tifa pic...i want them in my mouff oh yeuh! XD

Cartesian3D3706d ago

this is what you must milk .. .

Pozzle3706d ago

Finally, a Tifa cosplayer with accurate 'assets' :D

red5ive3706d ago

the last pic takes the gold.

zagibu3706d ago

Haha, you guys are funny. Those assets of the Tifa actor are certainly stuffed. And I mean not surgically, you can tell it on the "close up", the curvature of the skin texture indicates cushions underneath.

Also, last pic FTW. Dude has courage!

Pillage053706d ago

lol at last pic....b0n3r killer

Darrius Cole3706d ago

#9 is actually Faye Valentine, not Athena from King of Fighters.

ThanatosDMC3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

By far and still my favorite is this one:

Anon19743702d ago

I think this is a better gallery. The female cosplay is better, and it's got some regular kick ass cosplay thrown in as well.

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qface643707d ago

i won't click on this that picture right there looks very pleasing to the eyes i bet if i see the whole thing not so much

poopsack3706d ago

and this my friends, is how i spent valentines day :)

hay3707d ago

I'd probably find few hotter on Marklar.

MMFGaming3706d ago

Marklars marklar have the most beautiful marklar marklar has ever seen. I highly recommend you google these marklars so you can see first hand with your marklars how gorgeously endowed marklars marklar are.


grumpysmurf3706d ago

The last pic is by far the hottest.

kaelix3706d ago

Very. so hot it will melt your face <_<

csimpson3706d ago

OMG the Phoenix chick in the green is amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.