Why Are Sony Letting Microsoft Bully Them Out Of Familiar Franchises?

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "I know Sony won't pay for exclusives and I think that's admirable. After all, would I prefer Grand Theft Auto IV DLC exclusivity for 12 months, or a whole new Wipeout game? The $50million Microsoft paid for that GTA DLC is probably in a similar ball-park to what would be spent on a mid-large PSN release (perhaps less) and thus, absolutely I'd take the latter. But when it comes to franchises such as Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy, I do wonder why Sony are letting Microsoft bully them."

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ipwnall3660d ago

Because M$ drops money on the ground and the slutty Dev's bend down and let M$ take them from behind. Every once-Playstation exclusive that went on the 360 has gotten worse. FF, Tekken, Medal Of Honor, GTA.

Trebius3660d ago

So of COURSE they're going to wave money in Dev's faces so they can give their poor excuse for a console SOME sort of advantage.

Sony doesnt give a sh!t because we have too many new IPs and old ones hitting our system every month so let the 360 pay for what they want, either way everything 360 gets hits the PS3 or PC, so it's a win/win for PS3.

360 turns everything it touches into Granite.
PS3 turns everything it touches into Gold.

360 has no games, and it's last gen compared to PS3.

shutupandplay3660d ago

Anybody have a list of sony and MS first party studios?

shutupandplay3660d ago

Oh wow. I didn`t know it was that big of a difference.

4point7BillionLoss3660d ago

Xbox fans do.

it's simple maths ... Dev's got to feed themselves and selling games is the priority, not some lame ps3 droid with yellow teeth who doesn't buy even the best games ...

AngryTypingGuy3660d ago

There's no bullying going on here, just business. Just like Sony, MS is trying to be number one. If you can put out some money to get big name franchises on your console, then do it. People act like Sony is ENTITLED to have GTA, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear, etc. If those studios thought it was in their best interest to remain exclusive to Sony, they would, but they know that it's more profitable to put out games for both, especially considering that the 360 version of the game sells more most of the time (unless it's some crappy soccer game or JRPG).

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Karooo3660d ago

Sony spends lots of money on sony exclusives GT5 60 million GOW3 40 million.
They even spent tons on MGS4.

But yeah i hate them that they let FFXIII Go :(

PirateThom3660d ago


Sony know they can't compete with Microsoft money hats, it's not like they lost these games or money (although, the downgrades in quality the games suffered as a result is questionable), instead they funded development of the following:

Demon's Souls
Heavy Rain
Heavenly Sword
ModNation Racers

A ton of new IPs, of varying success, as well as taking existing franchises to new levels.

$50m for GTAIV or $40 for two Uncharted games?

I know what I'd pick.

Sarcasm3660d ago

Sony spends $50 mil on making exclusive games. MS spends $50mil on buying 1 year exclusives.

Who's the real idiot? Let's say it's not Sony. lmao

cmrbe3660d ago

Any sane person would pick two Uncharted games. Its funny thought that most x360 fans would pick the $50 million DLC because they refuse to acknowledge that MS strategy is wrong going as far as to make themselves believe they got the better deal and MS brain washing them to think like that.

That is why i will always respect Sony. Sony could have easily try to out bid MS which then gives more power to 3rd parties and less to us gamers. Instead Sony pushes and expand the gaming industry forward by hiring new and up coming talent and creating new and unique gaming expereince that pushes gaming forward which generates new bussiness as well.

-Alpha3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

This gen their goal was to outdo Sony, and financially they have succeeded.

But when it comes to gamers, I think Sony is a much more respectable group than MS.

I feel like MS is just trying to prove something, and they need to establish themselves.

Personally I think MS has done just fine. They don't have the power of Sony studios, but they have the Superior Online Service and the biggest game in Halo. Halo pretty much made the Xbox in my eyes. They have the games that seem to be more online-oriented, and it fits well with their XBL flagship. Sony on the other hand is much more about Single player experiences, and they do that really well. The Last Guardian is going to be amazing.

Also, regarding the title: come on, this isn't a school yard, it's business. Sony isn't getting bullied, MS is just doing their concept of business. This perception of Sony being the nice, free, caring guys is ridiculously naive. Good article overall though

cmrbe3660d ago

Agree. Its a bussiness but that dosen't mean i agree with MS business strategy. From my perspective MS could have done alot more for the gaming industry but the problem is they are too focus on outdoing Sony. Imagine if they invested in new talent to create new, original real exclusive IP's that compete with the like of MGS, FF,DMC on the x360. There will be more games which is important to us gamers and more business which expands the gaming industry further. If you think about it. This is exactly what Sony is doing while MS is just pissing money away on useless DLC, time, demo exclusives.

DSI3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Are you serious. Do you really thing that it only cost 50m to make a game from gound up. You thing 3 to 4 years of development, testing, support staff wages is only 50m dollars. You just show how little you do know about business.

It's in a sense the same thing as a company hiring a temp agency to perform a task. I pay the agency 20K to get a job done and I don't have to pay benefits, and other costs related to having those employees. It's simply the differences between two business models.

Hire a cook, put him on your payroll, pay his medical, his dental, and his family's medical or hire him as a contractor and only pay for the job. Nothing wrong with either one of them.

Microsoft contracting out DLC or buying a game saves them Money and overhead that they may otherwise cost them more money.

Just another way of looking at it, that's all I'm saying.

EDIT: @Crmbe, it's not a question of Sony trying to out bid MS, Sony is already spending MASSIVE amounts of money in development and overhead cost due to have so many inhouse developers, so it's just not smart business to go out and bid on something that could offset the balance of your company both financially and mentally.

Kinda like a pro team with 3 excellent quarterbacks in the locker room taking a quarterback for the first pick of the draft. What message does that send to the 3 quarterbacks in the locker room already? Additonaly, what type of financial sense does it make for the team.

Once again, just a thought.

hay3660d ago

@DSI: For around 50m you could make Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2. (~20m and 35m respectively)

BlackCountryBob3660d ago

It is also worth remembering that he new Sony franchises like Uncharted are the games of the future.

Games franchises are big but the huge franchises of one year are nowhere the next, look at Tomb Raider, essential on PS1 but dwindled ever since, same for stuff like Crash Bandicoot. There are very few franchises which are able to make themselves remain the same stature (Mario, Zelda, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo) for any length of time.

GTA is a great franchise but it is dying slowly, it is no coincidence that GTA4, the DLC and Chinatown wars while selling shed loads didn't come close to the sales of Vice City on the PS2.

The problem IO for Microsoft s what do they do when the big franchises they are paying for now are no longer wanted by the gaming public and the 3rd party market is merely making homages the Playstation exclusive franchises being developed today. I mean, I like Halo but there will come a point when the FPS goes out of fashion and Halo becomes an irrelevance.

Mark my words, Call of Duty s the next one to fall, MW2 will be the peak of the series in sales terms and it will not get close again.

I think it is a long game, the gaming industry is not going anywhere and I think Sony is looking for the next big thing, taking risks (MAG for example) to discover the next huge essential gaming area while Microsoft seems to still be trying to sell itself on having the follow up to everything you liked on PS2. While this is no bad thing, eventually gaming will move on and I worry that Microsoft has not utilized its massive financial power to plan for tomorrow.

DaTruth3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

One thing people don't seem to realize is that Sony likely makes more money off their 1st party exclusive games than they do off 3rd party multiplats. So if developers and publishers want to alienate PS3 owners with shoddy ports and exclusive DLC for another console that makes PS3 owners buy only Sony owned franchises; What does Sony care!

It is just more money for Sony!

Out of 20 games I've bought for PS3(not including DLgames), only 3 other companies got a piece of my cash! Why would they settle for royalties from games, when they could get the entire games money!

@DSI: The 20mil for Uncharted 2 includes salaries and benefits! And most games regardless of benefits, don't cost 50mil! I think you haven't been paying enough attention on this site. The only thing after that is advertising expenses; MS spent 10mil making Halo 3 and 30mil on advertising!

DSI3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

The point I was trying to make was more on the lines of business models rather than actual figures (which non of us would truly know. I know it was said that UC2 cost about 20mil to make. But what about the intangibles, lets say for instance if one of the lead designers for UC2 was in a car accident and was hurt badly. And for argument sake let's say he had to have 4 surgeries at the cost of 1.2 million dollars. Does naughty dog report these costs as the cost to make the game? I doubt it, even though the was money that was paid out by the company through medical insurance (I know not the whole 1.2 mil, but premiums non the less.)

Now, let say this same game was contracted out to be produced and the contract cost was 20mil and the same situation took place. The company hiring the contractor is not liable for the cost the first company had to pay in premiums, etc.

All i'm saying is, company use different models for business, neither is wrong. Microsoft spend more money on marketing less on Devs, Sony spend more on Devs less on marketing, both companies are doing well and both systems are sucessful.

Microsoft and Sony aren't fighting each other, hell their execs probably do lunch and golf together all the time. It's their moronic fanboys that this console war truly belong to. As long as they are making money Sony and MS will continue to do what they do, as the fanboys continue to fight each other and spend their money. (vicious circle)

I don't think I'd support these companies as much of some of these fanboys do if I was working directly for them. But whatever.

ChozenWoan3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

The cost to make the game is the cost to make the game.

The real question is why is MS allowing all of their Gen7 console franchises to go to Sony. Such as:

Ninja Gaiden
Lost Planet
Burnout Paradice
Star Ocean
Saints Row

do I need to go on.

It's getting to the point that even Mass Effect, one of the 360's top games of all time is rumored to be coming to the PS3 (Sony's E310 top secret announcement). lol. ;P

With very few first party studios (about half those for the Wii and 25% compared to Sony), MS can not afford to let any more major franchises cross over into multiplatform territory.

DaTruth3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Then there is also the problem of spending 50mil(the development cost and more), just to see your competition reaping royalties from a game/DLC a year later that you paid to produce!

That's like making a game for your competition! That is pure profit for Sony and possibly a loss for MS if the game/DLC doesn't sell ridiculous amounts... especially DLC!

But I like the new deal with MS, where they offer advertising for timed exclusives. 50mil worth in advertising from an advertising giant, is just not 50mil to the advertising giant!(example: If McDonald's sells 10million Big Macs and gets 50mil for it, it is not like they lose 50mil if they gave it away for something since the Big Macs are only worth 10mil and the rest is profit and paying for delivery/service to consumers)

sikbeta3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

The Best Way To RUN The Gaming Business is With First Party Exclusives rather than just throw a s#itload of money to a Third Party Dev for "Time Exclusivity"

Sony Knows That, +20 First Party Devs, Create its Own Engines and Exclusives Games and Get All The Money From The Games instead of relying on the Royalties from other Games from other Companies, so This Strategy is Simply Perfect

Example 1: Third Party - Console Maker

-> Third Paty Dev make a Game
-> Found a Third Party Publisher to Publish it
-> Third Party SEARCH for a "DEAL"
-> Console Maker "accept"
-> Third Party ask FOR THE MONEY, like: "$50000000" [lol]
-> The "DEAL" consist in "Time Exclusivity"
-> Console Maker Pay For IT, but at some Point it'll be Multiplat Anyway
-> After a Period of Time, look at teh Game salez and get the Money From the Royaties, so at the End its more like RECOUPING the money spent in the Deal

Example 2: Console Maker and Its First Party Devs

-> Console Maker ask to First Party to Make a Game
-> Game is Done, Console Maker APPROVE IT
-> Console Maker Publish it
-> Since The Console Maker don't need to Spend More Money in Some "Deal", it can Spend Money on Advertising
-> After a Period of Time, look at the Game Sales and Get all The Money, obviously deduct the Advertising Budget and such, but the Console Maker Handle/Manipulate/Control The Money

Is a WIN+WIN Situation and I don't say it "cuz of Sony", this is How Nintendo work since the beginning, that's how with less GC Consoles sold they make MORE Profit from the Software Sales

SONY + 20First Party Devs = More EXCLUSIVES GAMES and More MONEY

Gamers FTW!!!

ARBitrator3660d ago

I get it, I understood what you were saying in your initial comment. Here is what you don't get, you can't argue with these D!CKs they are going to disagree with you even if they know deep down that you have a point. Hell, they won't even acknowledge you good points simply because they have to be right at all times. That's how conversations go when you're dealing with 16-20 year olds, they know absolutely everything.

The funny thing is half of the guys talking business and economics with you are living in their mom's basement and have never held a fulltime job.

Man, don't waste your time.

Lightsaber3660d ago

cant help but laugh at all the idoit sony fanboys. They were all for sony using their deep pockets to bully nintendo and sega out of exclusive franchises. Never had an issues with sony trying to out right buy square who was exclusive dev for nintendo. How about the HUGE wad of crash they spent to steal Tomb raider a game what was exclusive to Sega. Setting here praising Sony for all the studios they buy up. While at the same time saying how much they hate MS for doing the same thing.

360FTW23659d ago

They are not just buying games or DLC, they are taking over studios. Talking about being a bully. I'm sure in some of those cases the studio would either have to agree to sell or risk a hostile takeover.

These dudes are the worst type of hypocrit and that's a hypocrit in denial.

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Karooo3660d ago

read it, I kinda agree how are they letting microsoft advertise FFXIII as 360 exclusive in the US, Microsoft even has contract for exclusive ads WTF !!!

Dance3660d ago

Sony did the exact same thing with Assassins Creed 2

OGharryjoysticks3660d ago

You might get a guy here or there that figures out a creative way to tell the gamers without getting in trouble (like the guy at IGN who wrote that "he" was getting it on PS3 because it supposedly felt like the right thing to do - hint, hint) but Microsoft has lots of money invested in FFXIII so don't expect to hear anybody saying not to get it on 360.

deadreckoning6663660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Well said Alpha-Male In the end BOTH Sony and M$ are after our wallets. But I think Sony has more respect for the gamers. M$ has had a brilliant business strategy thus far, even if it means ripping off 360 owners.

Silver3603659d ago

It is about leveling the playing field. If GTA4 stayed exclusive to PS3 where would the 360 be now? In a distant 3rd place! All these things that MS is doing to counter balance the incredible SONY games reputation. Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy on PS3 exclusively would have just killed the 360. MS is doing these things to keep their platform at an even level and then letting first party games and live decide the sales of consoles.

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